Post-Game Interview With Jonathan Dwyer

Jonathan Dwyer gives us his post-game thoughts following last night's win over Virginia Tech. After only gaining seven yards on four carries in the first half against the Hokies, Dwyer knew that the game would come to him in the second half. Jon talks about the big win and what the offense is capable of doing when they're on the field.

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In the first half, you only had three or four carries. Was that frustrating?

"Coach Johnson told me at the half that he was just trying to see what was going on and what they were trying to do. I had a little breakout run to start the second half. When I first touched the ball in the second half I felt a rhythm going for myself. I knew if I kept plugging I would have a chance to break one. Later in the half they started keying on me a little more and Josh (Nesbitt) started making big plays. That's just the way it is and that's what the offense is about. If you key on one person, someone else is going to hurt you."

What was the feeling on the sidelines after the fumble in the fourth quarter?

"We weren't on the sidelines that long so we told Josh that we just had to move on. He's a leader and he's our quarterback. His mindset has to be that he has to go after each play. Everybody messes up. If you make a bad play you have to let it go out of your mind and keep plugging."

How good has it felt the last few games to have the ball at the end of the game and then being able to take a knee to end the game?

"The main thing about the offense is that you can be up tempo or control the game clock. We tell the defense all the time if you give us the ball at the end of the game we're going to win it. We had a shot at it. They gave us the ball back and we made a first down and just ran out the clock."

Were you surprised to see how open Josh was going around the end on his touchdown run at the end of the game?

"I was real surprised. I said where's everybody else at. He made some guys miss and showed off his athletic ability. He showed off his speed. It was a quarterback battle today."

How good was the blocking tonight?

"The line gave some good pass protection. Coach Foster does a good job with his team. They play with a great tenacity. Luckily we just got the best of them."

What got you going in the second half?

"We just made a few adjustments but nothing too big just going out there and playing and giving it our all. We realized we were just one or two blocks away from making big plays. Our main objective was to realize what we did wrong and correcting it."

What wasn't working in the first half? Was it the dive, the pitch?

"I think a little of both. Josh missed some reads in the first half but after realizing what he's done that's what a leader is supposed to do and correct your mistakes. He came out the second half and he was on fire."

You had ten carries in the third quarter after only four in the first half. What was the difference?

"I guess they were keying on Josh and not paying attention to me and I was just taking advantage of the opportunity."

Can you tell us about the long run in the second half?

"First of all, I was just trying to take it to the house. Someone tried to knock the ball out and he didn't get a good handle on it so I was really just worried about getting a good grip on it and not letting anyone knock it out from behind."

On Josh's run around the end were you just trying to get the first down?

"Yeah, I was saying let's get the first down and Roddy said no let's score. That's what the offense is about. We're either going to make a first down or we're going to make a big play. That's all we're trying to do." Top Stories