Post-Game Interview With Marcus Wright

With names like Josh Nesbitt and Jonathan Dwyer in the backfield the Georgia Tech a-backs know that when their number is called, they have to be ready. Marcus Wright got his chance in the third quarter against Virginia Tech and parlayed it into a thirteen yard touchdown run. Wright talked about that and the challenges the team faces in the post-game interview.

Marcus Wright - Profile

What did you see on the touchdown run? Did your eyes light up?

"I saw Kam Chancellor running wide and Anthony Allen picked him and after I cut him off, it was just running the ball."

How big is this win for this football team?

"I think this is a pretty big win because the media has been talking about us and our defense not going to step up to the challenge. With Virginia Tech coming in here ranked fourth in the nation and us going out there and playing like we did I think it's valuable for our football team."

You came in here and played big and the crowd was big. You had a lot of noise out there tonight.

"The crowd was getting into it and you feed off their energy and they feed off yours. I guess that's what an institution is supposed to feel like on game day."

What's it like to be an a-back on this team? There are so many options and you never know when your turn will come.

"You always have to be ready. Nobody ever really knows what Coach Johnson is thinking. He might grab somebody to run a particular play and vice versa. You just wait your turn and he'll find a way to get you the ball."

Virginia Tech opened with eight men in the box last year. They didn't open that way this year. Where you surprised to see that?

"No, he kinda schemed it up pretty well at practice. When we got out there it wasn't run as slow as in practice as when they ran it but it didn't catch us off guard. We had seen it in practice."

You got a couple of monkeys off your back by beating Florida State down there and now Virginia Tech. How do you feel about going to play Virginia which is another place Georgia Tech has had a tough time winning?

"We're just looking forward to playing another game. They said we couldn't beat this team and could beat that team and this and that. Every time we get a challenge, I think we rise to the occasion."

What was the feeling in the huddle in the fourth quarter?

"It was a calm feeling. Josh Nesbitt was in control of the huddle and we knew they had to score twice to beat us so all we had to focus on was going out there and doing our job and not turning the ball over. I think we got that accomplished."

I guess it gives you a lot of confidence knowing you have a quarterback like Josh in the huddle for that last drive?

"It's a lot of confidence because Josh is real physical and on the third and one and the third and five plays, he's going to put his shoulder down and get the first down." Top Stories