Post-Game Interview With Josh Nesbitt

Following the loss to Miami, Josh Nesbitt and the offense have been on a roll. Following the game with Virginia Tech, Josh talked about the slow start, trying to slow things down and makes a surprise statement about how the win ranks in the scheme of things.

Josh Nesbitt - Profile

What does knocking off a top five team mean to you?

"It's the biggest thing that's happened since I've been here."

Does it surprise you that Virginia is in first in the Coastal considering how big this game was?

"No, it just makes next week's game even bigger."

What was the key in the second half to get the offense going?

"Just to slow the game down and run the offense the way we know we can."

How surprised were you when the whole opened up on the last touchdown run?

"Very surprised; I'm surprised every time a hole opens up for me."

What part of the option was working tonight?

"The pitch and I guess you could say they left me wide open to run the ball. Some times they gave me a chance to pitch it so I pitched it."

When you look at the film of some of the pitches, do you hold your breath when you see some of them?

"Sometimes I do and on some of the fumbles, I knew it was a fumble the minute I let it go."

Can you talk about the completion to Demaryius Thomas?

"It wasn't supposed to go to him. It was supposed to go to the backside receiver but the protection broke down and I saw the one on one and I knew he would come down with it."

On the fumble, was that a situation of holding the ball a little too long?

"No, we had a miscue on our perimeter. They came with a corner blitz and it threw our perimeter blocking off. Once I pitched it, I knew I pitched it too late. It was a fumble and a bad play overall."

Was there anything there for you in the second half that wasn't there in the first half?

"No, we were our own worst enemy in the first half. We were hurting ourselves. We just got it going in the second half and slowed the game down."

Did you talk this week about Kam Chancellor's comments about stopping the offense?

"How about them Jackets!"

What does it say about this offense when you beat a top five team and only complete one pass?

"I'm very satisfied as long as we're ahead at the end of the game. It doesn't matter how many passing or rushing yards we have."

Can you talk about trying to slow things down?

"I had to calm down. I was a little too hyped up before the game. Once I calmed down it just slowed the whole game down. Everybody else did the same and we just got it going."

How would you compare the atmosphere tonight with other games?

"This was the best by far."

Was this a corner turning game for this program?

"I think so but I think we did that earlier in the year when we beat North Carolina coming off a big loss. We came back to earth knowing that we can lose and knowing we need to play every game like it's our last."

Is it bigger than beating Georgia last year?

"By far, yes." Top Stories