Post-Game Interview With Steven Sylvester

Steven Sylvester made his second consecutive start of the season last night against Virginia Tech. Steven talks about his big sack on Tyrod Taylor, how the sack set the tone for the game and how the defense got back to playing how they want to play.

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How was it out there with the simplification of the defense?

"The linebackers could pretty much run free to the ball. Once you made your reads and saw who had the ball it was pretty much just go get them."

You had the big sack tonight. What did you see that made you think you could get to the quarterback?

"The guard overset, so I knew I could beat him back inside. The running back came to block me, but he missed the block so I saw an open path to the quarterback. I felt like that could set the tone for the game. When you get a chance to make a big play like that you have to take it. Those don't come too often in a big game like this."

How did it set the tone for the game?

"I feel it was really big. It was the first hit on Tyrod. He's a slippery guy so anytime you can get him down it's for the better."

How tough is it to play a guy like Tyrod Taylor?

"It is really hard. You have to be really disciplined playing on defense. He scrambles a lot. You have to play your pass responsibility. You can't run up field because once he gets going you can't stop him. It's important to get him on the ground as soon as you can."

What was the thinking on their last drive when you were up eleven? Did you just want to eat up clock?

"Anytime you're on defense, you want to keep them out of the end zone. If you can eat up as much clock as we needed to out there, we'll take that as well. We'll take the win any way we can get it."

Did you think you should have been given a full sack instead of a half sack?

"I don't think I should have been given all the credit for it. I know when I got up off the ground the whole defense was around me. There were a lot of people there, so I know I can't take credit for that one by myself. I just had to get there."

There seemed like there were a lot more guys going to the ball this week. Was that an emphasis in practice this week?

"That's something that we've prided ourselves as a defense to do. We got away from that for the past couple of weeks. Once you get in there and see yourself on film you say that's not the defense we've been playing and that's not what we're known for. Anytime you can go out there and make a name for yourself and reclaim your spot that's what you want to do."

Can you talk about some of the problems facing the kickoff coverage team? Has it been people getting out of their lanes?

"If you do your job, it seems like everyone else takes care of their thing. As long as you're handling what you're supposed to be doing, everything else should fall into place."

How confident was the defense knowing that you had Josh out there for that final series?

"Anytime nine's on the field I'm confident. Josh Nesbitt is a tremendous leader. If we're in a fight and my back is against the wall, I want him on my team." Top Stories