C.J. Uzomah Enjoys Georgia Tech Visit

North Gwinnett quarterback C.J. Uzomah made the short trip to Atlanta to see Georgia Tech play Virginia Tech Saturday. C.J. spoke about the game as well as his experience with current recruits, players, and coaches. He also talked about the schools that are recruiting him.

C.J. Uzomah - Profile

How did the trip to Georgia Tech go for you Saturday?

"It was a great visit. The game was phenomenal. I came away with a very good impression of Georgia Tech and the team. I'd rate it an 8 or 9. I came with a few of my teammates and we all had a great time. I met some other recruits from other schools while I was there too."

What did you get to do?

"I had a chance to talk with a few of the coaches and current players before the game. I did get a chance to see some of the football side of the school, but I want to see more. I also had a chance to talk with a few of the current commits mostly Charles Perkins and Denzel McCoy. They talked to us about how great a school Tech is and how much Georgia Tech can offer us as players and after college with a degree from Georgia Tech. You can tell that the current commits have really bonded well with each other."

What did the coaches have to say to you?

"They really couldn't say much to us as it was a huge game for them to get ready for and their attention was on that. However, they have asked me to come back sometime this week so I can get more of a one on one talks with them and they can show and tell me more in depth about Georgia Tech not only as a football team but as a school. I will definitely make that trip back up there to talk with them."

Besides Georgia Tech, what other schools are recruiting you?

"Georgia Tech is recruiting me pretty hard but others recruiting me are Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Clemson, Miami, Oklahoma State, UCLA and Oregon."

Is Georgia Tech or another school very high on your list right now?

"I would have to say that I am pretty open and all schools are pretty much even. I'd like to get to see more schools and get more information on as many schools as I can so I can break down each school and see which school fits me the best. Ultimately it will come down to which school I feel the most comfortable at when I'm there. I mean this will be the place I spend the next four or five years of my life, and I want to be at a place I'm very happy and comfortable while I'm there."

What lies ahead for you in the future?

"Well, I am going to South Carolina this upcoming weekend to watch a game there. On Halloween weekend I will head over to Auburn for their game. Also, while I am up in Atlanta for another visit to Georgia Tech, I hope that I can talk to them about coming back for their remaining home games."

Dale's Take:

You could tell in C.J.'s voice that he had an extremely great time this Saturday. This game will be a huge recruiting tool for Georgia Tech as the players, fans, and commits made all the future recruits feel right at home while they were there. C.J. was one that did enjoy this visit big time.

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