Avery Walls Has Great Visit To Georgia Tech

Union Grove defensive back, Avery Walls spoke with GoJackets.com about his visit to Georgia Tech to watch the Yellow Jackets take on then fourth ranked Virginia Tech Hokies. Avery talked about his impressions of the visit and the game and the teams that are currently recruiting him.

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How was the trip yesterday to Georgia Tech?

"It was great! I loved every thing about the trip. I'd rate it a good nine out of ten for the whole trip."

What did you get a chance to do while you where there?

"First thing we did was take in Yellow Jacket Alley. That was great. There were fans everywhere. All of them were telling us (recruits) how much they wanted us at Georgia Tech and went out of their way to make us feel really welcomed at Georgia Tech. That was a great feeling as we were walking down Yellow Jacket Alley as the players were heading into the locker rooms and lounge. We got a chance to watch the players warm up and talked with a few of the players and coaches."

What else stood out to you?

"The speech given by Chaplain Derrick Moore was one that got everyone really pumped up for the game. He is very inspiring and you can tell the players really love him. It was very inspiring and motivational."

How much did you talk with the coaches?

"I really had a chance to talk with Coach (Charles) Kelly and Coach BJ (Brian Jean Mary) Friday night at our high school game. They told me that they are very, very interested in me and that the way I play is very good and they will be watching me all year On Saturday, I had a chance to talk with some of the coaches, but they were mostly getting the team ready for the game "

Speaking of the game, how did you enjoy it?

"I really enjoyed it a lot. Georgia Tech played great and did what it took to win the game. The environment was awesome too. The fans really got the players pumped up and we (recruits) had an awesome time watching a great win. We watched from the tunnel in the 4th quarter. What I did was watch Morgan Burnett a lot as he had to cover the tight end a good bit and that is my responsibility on defense at Union Grove. I put myself in his shoes and I watched how he positioned himself and watched his footwork a lot. I learned a lot from that game just by watching him. He is a great player, no doubt."

Even though Georgia Tech hasn't extended an offer just yet, are they high on your list?

"Yes sir, very much so. Oklahoma is my only offer right now and other schools that are showing me interest are Stanford, Duke, Miami, Ohio State, LSU, South Carolina, and USC. Still Tech is one team that is very high on my list at this time."

Do you plan on taking in other games this season?

"Yes sir, I do. A lot depends on how my schedule works, but I'd like to go to Alabama and watch a game there too. I plan on taking in as many games as I can this year."

You mentioned that the Tech coaches came to your game on Friday. How did your team do?

"We won 23-19 and won it with a good defensive effort at the end. We came together as one and took care of business against Luella. It was a hard fought game but we did what it took to win."

Dale's Take:

Avery seems to have a team that he really likes a lot in Georgia Tech. He has a few former teammates playing at Tech so that is a huge plus for the Yellow Jackets. I feel that if Tech offers they will be a team that will lead for his services in the 2011 class. He has a lot of good schools recruiting him and some that are great academically. I for one will enjoy his recruitment.

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