Chris Conley Takes In GT/VT Game

North Paulding wide receiver Chris Conley was in Atlanta this Saturday as a visitor of Georgia Tech. Chris had a chance to see a great game between Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. He also saw how wide receivers in the triple option can be very valuable and an important part of the offense and not just as blockers.

Christian Conley - Profile

How was your time at Georgia Tech this Saturday?

"I had a very good time. The game was very good. A lot of back and forth but Georgia Tech did the necessary things to come away with a win. The place was really charged and it was a great environment for the game and for us recruits to see."

What did you get to do while you were there?

"I had a chance to see some facilities which are very nice. I had a chance to talk with some of the coaches and some of the players. I was able to get some insight to the program."

What coaches did you have a chance to talk with while you were there?

"I had a chance to talk with Coach Paul Johnson and it was my first time talking with him. He is a straight forward coach. I also talked with Coach Buzz Preston and we talked about how the wide receivers are a very important part of the offense from all aspects. I talked with Coach Brian Bohannon about everything from football to academics. He talked about the engineering and business schools at Georgia Tech and they are two areas I am considering as majors in college. We had some good talks."

What would you say is the biggest thing that stood out to you while you were at Georgia Tech?

"The campus setting I would say was the biggest thing that stood out to me. The campus and stadium was basically hidden in downtown Atlanta. You are on campus and feel you are away from the big city. I did like that very much. Plus the facilities are ones that are very nice."

What did you think of the wide receiver play in the spread option offense that Coach Johnson runs at Georgia Tech?

"While players like Thomas and Hill did not get the ball a lot, you could tell that they are big time impact players with big play maker ability and the coach's uses them in instances to get that play making ability out of them."

Do you think you can be a receiver in this offense with that play making ability?

"Yes sir, I do feel like I can be one of those type players. I can also be a receiver that is considered a possession type receiver if I need to be one. I think I can grow into that play making type receiver."

On the visit, how would you rate the time you were there?

"I'd give it an 8 for a short visit. I got a chance to see other recruits and the players on the teams and talk with the coaches. It was a good visit. I got a chance to hang out with some players so it was good from an all around aspect."

Do you have any other games you plan on making this year?

"I am going to Tennessee for a game but after that I am open as to what will happen for visits and games."

Dale's Take:

Chris had an exceptional time at Georgia Tech Saturday. He saw that more than one receiver can be counted on giving help in getting a victory in a game with Tech running the spread option offense that they do. I feel that Chris doesn't see this as a negative when it comes to considering Georgia Tech. Top Stories