Anthony Williams: "The Best Game I Ever Saw"

Union Grove defensive end Anthony Williams visited Georgia Tech along with many of his fellow commits in the 2010 class to watch the Virginia Tech game. Anthony talks about the game and his commitment to Georgia Tech.

Anthony Williams - Profile

Did you make the game on Saturday at Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, I did. It was the best game I ever saw. The fans had the team pumped up and the video on the board was great and got both the fans and team even pumped up more."

What did you get to do while you were there?

"I mainly talked with the current players and commits that are coming in with me like Denzel McCoy and Charles Perkins. We have all formed a tight bond and have good chemistry together and that is good for us as we come in next year. I talked with the coaches too and some of the 2011 recruits. Basically, I had another great time in Atlanta and at Georgia Tech."

There has been some talk that other teams are trying to turn you. Is this true?

"Yes sir I still get about the same amount of mail, calls, and texts as I did before I committed to Georgia Tech. Lately Tennessee and Ole Miss have been working me pretty hard. It was interesting at first but now I just tell them I am very solid to Georgia Tech and that is the place I want to be and will be in college."

So if signing day was tomorrow, you would be a Yellow Jacket?

"Yes sir, I would. Denzel, Charles, Isaiah Johnson and I along with a few others have grown real close over this recruiting period. We have excellent chemistry together and we are all looking forward to playing together at Georgia Tech. You can't beat that, we are all very close in this class. I am very solid to Georgia Tech, no worries there and that is what I am telling the other schools."

So any visits to other schools are something that will not happen?

"No sir. No visits to any other schools other than Georgia Tech. I am all ready to go to the last two home games against Wake Forest and Georgia and am waiting until signing day gets here."

What made you pick Georgia Tech?

"To be honest, I have always had Georgia Tech as my number one school and as my leader and I have always felt real comfortable when I am there on a visit. I committed to secure my spot in this year's class to the school I know I wanted to go to and also I knew that if I was to get hurt my scholarship would be honored by the staff there at Georgia Tech. It was really an easy decision."

How about your senior year, how is it coming along?

"We are 7-0 right now and have a big game coming up against Stephenson High and Michael Thornton. I have heard Michael is interested in Georgia Tech too so this will be a game I am looking forward to playing."

How do you feel your play has been this year?

"I feel that I have been playing very well. We are 7-0 and it takes all of us playing well to be unbeaten and we as team have been doing that."

Dale's Take:

You could tell that this past Saturday's game against Virginia Tech left a lasting impression on Anthony. Saying that it was the best game he ever saw and that he loved how the fans really got the players ever more pumped for the game speaks volumes. He is very solid with his commitment to Georgia Tech and can't wait until signing day to make it official. This is another recruit that has turned back the efforts of two SEC teams to stay loyal to Georgia Tech and honor his commitment. Top Stories