Iman Shumpert - New Opportunities

Iman Shumpert is back for his second year at Georgia Tech. Iman is excited about the coming season and explores the opportunities available to this year's team that they might not have had last season.

How do you like the new practice facility?

"I like it a lot. It definitely makes you want to come in here and work hard. Everybody seems excited about it."

Is this something you would have liked to see as a recruit?

"Yeah, it would have been nice. I'm sure it would have been easier to bring recruits in and show them this facility. I think that would be more appealing to them."

"How excited are you about this season?

"I'm extremely excited. The best part about it all is that everybody is healthy. Mo (Miller) is the only one we were waiting on because of the concussion. Obviously Kameron Hosley was a blow but for the most part we have at least two people at each position. We have a lot of guys who play hard. Everybody in practice goes hard. Everybody has been happy with everybody else's effort. I'm really excited."

What do you think about Favors?

"He's good. He's good." (Laughter)

Do you have to think about going down the lane with him and Gani (Lawal) in there?

"I go down there pretty aggressively. I know that if I go down there I have to go down there on business. It's definitely hard to score around the basket knowing that Favors is in there. He changes so many shots. Gani already changes shots. If you have Gani and Favors in there you're going to be doing a lot of circus shots."

Will you be using three ball handlers on the court at one time?

"Yeah, Mfon Udofia is a tough guard. He's extremely quick and he can stay low. He likes to try things a little aggressively. He's sort of like me. He likes to try new stuff. I sort of took him under my wing. I had a few turnovers last year that were pretty dumb. I'm slowing showing him some little shovel passes in the lane and stuff like that. He's all ears to what I'm telling him. I don't think he'll have that turnover problem that I had last year."

Have you matched up with Glen Rice at all?

"I match up with him a little bit. I've been running primarily all point guard. Me Moo (Mfon) and Mo all have to know every position on the wings so when I do go on the wing I go against Glen. He can really score the ball. He could get a little bigger but he can really score."

You've been spending most of your time at the point?

"Yeah, it's my primary position. I knew that coming in here."

Is it nice to have two guys inside to dump the ball to?

"The beauty of it is that it makes my job a lot easier. It makes Lance Storrs' job a lot easier. It makes D'Andre's (Bell) job a lot easier. Zach can come in a play the three. He knows he's got two big guys there. Knowing we have big guys coming off the bench, we can play more aggressively."

How important is the shot blocking aspect?

"You see how important it is when you see someone try to shoot a layup on Gani and Derrick. You see how fast it gets pinned to the glass. It's a block, outlet, and you're gone. I'm really excited about it. I want to see it all happen in a game."

How's Gani's free throws? "It looks good. (laughter). He's not shooting that air ball anymore. If he does miss it at least it's around the basket and you can get a rebound off it."

What kind of tempo do you see this team playing?

"I think we can play a little of all speeds. We can push it which is what we like to do. We can play in transition. We can have a little more excitement this year and a little more free reign. If need be, we have a more mature team with D'Andre coming back, adds a whole lot of experience. I didn't realize it added. He gets the ball and slows things down. He has a good awareness of the shot clock. We also have Zach Peacock who's been here for four years. It's nice to have stable guys to speak up in practice and speak up in games. You can definitely feel, that if need be at the end of the game, we can slow the game down and if we want to play fast we play fast. It's the best of both worlds." Top Stories