Zach Peacock: "Yeah, We're Stacked"

Going into his final season at Georgia Tech, Forward Zach Peacock will no longer be relied upon to play the three. Zach talks about the excitement surrounding this year's team and what his role will be this coming season and how that role will bring new energy to his game.

Zach Peacock - Profile

What do you think of the new practice facility?

"It's one of the nicest facilities I've been in. It came at the right time. We have a new team, a new facility, a new weight room, a new everything. It's time to get some new wins."

Will your role change at all this year from last year?

"I started out playing the small forward position, but this year coach said he plans to keep me at the four, the power forward position. I'd say the only change is the position role."

How do you feel about coming off the bench this year?

"It doesn't matter to me. It's a job that needs to be done. Whether I'm starting or coming off the bench, it doesn't matter. My focus is to win and bring instant energy."

Have you been working on your outside shot?

"Yeah, that has always been part of my game. I've always worked on that. This year I plan on bringing the percentages up. I know last year the percentages were low. That's not my main focus but it's a personal goal of mine."

You played a lot of minutes last year. I guess you'll be able to come in a lot fresher this year?

"My weight and energy I have with my weight will play a big role. Last year playing the three I was losing a lot of weight and not having a lot of energy to finish games. With me maintaining my weight now, I think I'll be good."

Are you looking forward to returning the favor to some of the teams that beat you last year?

"Yes sir. Yes sir."

With the added bench this year, will it make it easier to finish games stronger this season?

"Definitely, with the depth on this team, somebody can take a break and supply the energy and then we get back in and bring the intensity of the game back up. I think our depth will help wear teams down."

You have a lot of flexibility with the team.

"Yeah, we're stacked. We have the pieces we just have to put them in place."

When you play five on five in practice, are those games real competitive?

"You see a lot of major moves and everything. It's almost like watching an NBA championship game. Top Stories