Brad Jefferson - "We Just Missed Tackles"

The Georgia Tech defense gave up some easy scores in the first half due to poor tackling. Middle linebacker Brad Jefferson gives some post game comments on halftime adjustments, the need to wrap up on defense and his vertical leaping ability.

The defense really came on in the second half?

"We knew that when we came out we had just missed tackles in the first half. It was as simple as that. We just went out the second half and started to wrap up and make plays."

How close did you come to intercepting the ball that you tipped?

"(Laughing) It was fingertip close. If I were about five pounds lighter, I would have got it. I just tapped it and it went up in the air. They eventually caught it."

After you tipped it and turned around what was going through your head? Was the ball in the air like slow motion to you?

"The problem was that I didn't see it. I was still looking around and then I saw that he caught it. That's when I tried to go get him."

What did your buddy Morgan Burnett say after the tipped play?

"He said I have to lose a little weight (laughter). If I shed a few pounds I could have got it."

How important was the stop in the early part of the third quarter to hold them to a field goal?

"I think that's what sparked it off. Big ups to that. The offense came out and did their thing. We just had to do our little part."

Did confidence play a part in your play after that?

"Anytime you stop them like that we get the momentum back. We get the momentum back with the fans and everything so that was a big ups for us."

The spread offense seems to give you some problems. Is it just style against style?

"It is style against style. We just have to wrap up and tackle. Point blank period that's all we have to do."

You forced some fumbles in the second half. Was there a concerted effort to do that?

"Coach came in at halftime and said that they were running with the ball loose. He said to start trying to punch the ball out. That's what we went out there and did."

You went through some linebacker and safety changes during the game. How was it with Julian (Burnett) and Mario (Edwards) in there in the second half? Did they make a difference?

"Each player that comes in brings something different to the table. They really stepped up. We had some guys go down that were injured. They came in and stepped up when they were called." Top Stories