Brandon McGowan: "Education Comes First"

North Gwinnett linebacker, Brandon McGowan took a trip to Georgia Tech. Brandon talks about his visit and how his recruiting is shaping up. McGowan also talks about North Gwinnett's game coming this week to decide the regional championship.

Brandon McGowan - Profile

How did your game go this past Friday night?

"We had a great game. We beat Duluth 34-0 and got a chance to rest our starters the entire second half. We have a big game next week against Peachtree Ridge. We get them at home and that is a big plus too."

How do you feel you played?

"Despite only playing one half, I had five or six tackles, one sack, and one tackle for a loss. I know we wanted to play well early so we could rest our starters and get playing time for more players so we can be ready as a team for the big game next week."

How has your recruitment been coming along?

"It is going great. I am really enjoying the process thus far, and I am looking forward as everything moves long."

What teams seem to be recruiting you the hardest?

"I can't say that I feel one team is recruiting me harder than another. They are all pretty much even when it comes to how hard they are recruiting me. I'm just taking it one step at a time."

What teams are recruiting you?

"Georgia Tech, Georgia, Wake Forest, and South Carolina are a few that I am hearing from right now. Most of the schools that I am hearing from are from the ACC and SEC which is great for me as I would like to stay close to home."

I understand you made a visit to Georgia Tech with C.J. Uzomah to watch the Yellow Jackets play Virginia Tech. How did you like that game?

"Oh man that was a great game. The fans, players, and recruits for Georgia Tech had that stadium rocking and had the team really pumped to play. It was a great game to see. All the recruits there including myself and C.J. thought it was a great victory for Georgia Tech. We really enjoyed that experience."

What else did you get to do that day?

"We had a meet and greet with the coaches and got to know them better. We met other recruits and current players. We sat in on the team pre-game experience and saw the locker room, which is very nice too. We moved up to our seats and watched the game. I'd have to say I had a great time."

Did you like the new "Turnt All The Way Up" video they played on the big video board?

"I did. What made it even better is that we play it too at our home games. It was a good thing as both the players and fans really got into it when they played it."

Have you made it to any other games this year?

"I just got back from the Tennessee and South Carolina game this past Saturday. South Carolina didn't do too well as Tennessee has been playing real good ball this year. The fans are really behind the team and they really surprised Georgia and took it too them earlier this year."

Do you plan on making any more games this year?

"I know I am going to the Wake Forest - Florida State game on the 14th and will go to the Georgia - Kentucky game on the 21st."

Being from Georgia, I am surprised to hear you are not trying to make the Georgia Tech - Georgia game?

"I think we are going out of town that weekend. That is one game I'd love to see too. Maybe something can happen so that I can go to the game."

What are you looking for in a college?

"Education comes first. I want to go to a school that I can get a degree in whatever major I choose, not just some major that will not be something I like or can be useful after college. Then football comes next. I will always put my education first before football."

Does the depth at your position play a part?

"It does but the way I look at it is when the players are warming up, I look at them and see how big they are and how they look when they play. If the starters are gone the next year, I want to know that if I come in and put on weight and muscle, can I pass a player in front of me if my play and ability is better than what they have there. The total overall depth isn't a big thing, I'd like to know if I work hard and do what is necessary that I can get playing time if I earn it."

Dale's Take:

Brandon is another one of those recruits that is really enjoying the recruiting process. He wants to stay close to home so he is mainly looking at ACC and SEC teams at this point. You could tell that when we were talking he is the type of player that will work hard and watches every little detail that he feels can make him better. He wants to play, but he wants to earn it and not have it given to him or promised to him just to get him to commit. Top Stories