Coach Dave Wommack - WFU Post-Game Comments

Georgia Tech's defense went into the Wake Forest game facing a quarterback that has more wins than any in Wake Forest history and holds just about every quarterback record at Wake Forest. They were also facing a team that had 555 yards last week against Miami. Coach Dave Wommack gives us his post game comments following the big victory over Wake Forest.

One of the changes you made tonight was playing Mario Edwards at safety. Can you comment on his play?

"I thought last week against Vanderbilt Mario came in the second half and did a really good job. We started him; he had a good week in practice; he's not a polished product by any stretch of the imagination but between him and Dominique Reese I thought we could keep those guys a little fresher and I think it helped us."

How discouraging were the penalties?

"I just saw that one of the SEC coaches got fined $30,000 so I'm not going there. I think most of the time we played pretty penalty free. I know Coach (Paul) Johnson continually stresses it as one of our goals as a team so we'll have to clean some of those things up this week."

It seems like most of the penalties cost you right after the penalty?

"We'll go in and look at them and see why they called them and that's the way it is. You're exactly right; some of them came at some bad times. Coaches coach and officials officiate."

You missed Steven Sylvester for most of the Vanderbilt game. How big was it to get him back?

‘I think, and you know how thin we are, it helps anytime you get any of those guys back. We're going to have to have everybody. We're not a great defense and we need everybody out there to help this team."

Is Reese's injury something you're going to have to deal with the rest of the year?

"Yeah, I do. I think from Miami on it's bothered him. I think it really hurt him last week. I think he even lost some confidence in that game. We tried to bring him back Coach Johnson tried to bring him back and he helped us win the game tonight."

Is the situation the same with Tarrant?

"Yeah, these kids just have to be resilient. There are times you didn't think we had a chance to win they found ways to bounce back; the drives at the end and making plays when they had to make plays. It's not always pretty but we just have to keep going. The next one is the most important one."

It seems like Derrick Morgan really gets the motor running when you need a big play?

"I know; he's an amazing guy. They put two or three guys on him and sometimes he doesn't get the credit. He has to go through two or three people to get to where he has to go. I think he's a really good football player and we have to help him."

When you bring in Jarrard Tarrant or Rashaad Reid and Michael Peterson into the game is that a dime package?

"That's exactly what it is. We get six db's into the game."

Do you expect something similar to Skinner when you face Duke next week?

"You know I haven't watched them. I haven't seen them on TV or film yet. I really don't know what to expect. I just know that they're an improved football team. They're right in the middle of this thing and they're the biggest game of the year without a doubt."

Wake Forest's production was down almost 200 yards from the Miami game. How does that make you feel?

"It makes me feel better than last week against Vanderbilt. There are still a lot of areas that we have to improve on. I think anytime you can rush the ball for over four hundred yards and hold a team to around thirty five yards of rushing you have a great opportunity to win. That's one of our goals as a team is to win the rush big team and to hold teams down. We haven't always done that and I was proud of them tonight to do that."

Does it help to see offenses like you saw tonight on a regular basis?

"There are a lot of mobile quarterbacks in the league. I think the quarterbacks have really stepped up this year in the league. I think if you go back you'll see that the offenses have improved drastically over what they were last year. I made the comment last spring that all the quarterbacks are young in the ACC. Now they're getting older and have more experience and they're getting tougher to defend."

I guess one of the things you're hoping to get it a little better push up the middle?

"Yeah, we try to do that with some blitzes and some rushes and mix things in. We play a lot of zone and we played some man free and there are some areas we just have to improve on." Top Stories