Preston Lyons - I Was Overwhelmed

When Preston Lyons transferred to Georgia Tech from Colgate it wasn't big news in the eyes of most Tech fans. After sitting out a year Preston has gained the confidence of Coach Paul Johnson and has proven to be a very capable backup for Jonathan Dwyer. Preston talks with us about the Wake Forest game and how he felt after getting his first touchdown at Tech.

How good was it to get your first touchdown here at Georgia Tech?

"It was really exciting. I was overwhelmed. It was a good play call and I was just happy I could do it."

I know when you get in the game you're normally only in for one or two reps. What is your approach to that?

"Jon's breaking so many long runs so he gets tired sometimes. I just have to take advantage of the times that I get in there and make the best of it."

Can you tell us what you saw on the touchdown run?

"It was a regular play call. It was a pitch-out to me. Josh went out on the side and pitched off the end and I got some great blocks. I caught the ball and looked up field and there was nobody out there. Luke (Cox) made a good block and Stephen Hill made a good block. All I had to do was just run real fast."

Did the defense holding Wake Forest to a field goal give you a lot of confidence when you got the ball in overtime?

"Definitely, we knew that when they were on defense we had a lot of confidence in them. Once they were able to hold them to a field goal it just gave us the momentum to go in there and put one in."

Did the team notice the crowd tonight when the game was on the line?

"We especially noticed them when we were on defense. They were getting rowdy and making a lot of noise. It's tough for the opposing offense to get their plays and make their checks."

What are your feelings on going up to Duke next week? I guess the offense will want to correct the mistakes from tonight?

"Yeah, we were shooting ourselves in the foot for a lot of the game with penalties. In terms of Duke, it's our last ACC game. Coach (Paul) Johnson always says the next game is the most important one so we have to go up there and take care of business."

What was it like in the locker room at halftime?

"We were calm. We knew we weren't playing the type of ball that we're capable of playing. We knew that we just had to make a few adjustments and go out there and execute in the second half."

I guess the big run by Jon really changed the momentum in the game?

"The defense got a stop and the first play we go on offense Jon got the ball and made the long run for a touchdown and that really helped."

Did the team think Coach Johnson was going to go for it on fourth down in overtime?

"Yeah, we've been doing that all year. Our fourth down conversion rate is probably pretty high. We knew we had the confidence in our offensive line and Josh (Nesbitt) to get enough push to get it over there and get another first down."

What did Coach Johnson see to make that call on fourth down?

"I'm sure Coach Johnson asked Josh if he thought he could get it and Josh has confidence in himself and our offensive line that he thought he could do it." Top Stories