Coach Paul Hewitt - We're Pretty Healthy

The Georgia Tech men's basketball team opens the season today with an exhibition game against Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Coach Paul Hewitt met with us to discuss his plans for the game and the health of the team following some minor injuries over the past few weeks.

You've suffered through some minor injuries the past few weeks; how is that now?

"We're pretty healthy. Iman practiced half-court yesterday and then Brian Oliver will get back in today. It's been pretty good actually."

How is Mo (Maurice Miller) coming along now following his injuries?

Good, he has no ill-effects from the concussion. He had the slight ankle sprain but really didn't miss any time. Everybody is pretty healthy. Everybody has some type of injuries this time of year. The guys are looking forward to playing somebody different. We're pretty healthy."

Were you satisfied with what you saw against Western Kentucky?

"Yeah, we established a defensive mindset which is what we have to do. We rebounded the ball fairly well."

Does seeing a team like Syracuse losing recently help motivate the team against an opponent like IUP?

No, there's a lot of good basketball players out there. You think about how popular the game has become over the years. That's nothing special in terms of a wake up call for us."

Are you still going to be looking for combinations in this exhibition game?

"We're still looking at certain things. Iman will start and play about five to eight minutes in the first half and that will be it. Mfon (Udofia) will start, D'Andre (Bell) will start and Gani (Lawal) and Derrick (Lawal) will probably be the guys that will start. After that we'll kind of see."

Do you see a particular player as the three point threat this year?

"I think we have a group of shooters. In the group of Iman Shumpert, Lance Storrs, and Brian Oliver; those three can shoot it pretty well. Zach Peacock can also shoot it well. I would expect one of those four to be our top three point shooters."

I know you want to work the ball inside. How did that work against Western Kentucky?

"Okay, it could be better. We turned it over a little too much for me but not bad."

How is Favors as a passer?

"He's a good passer. He's a very good passer. Out of double teams, he's a very good passer. He handled that particularly well last Saturday." Top Stories