2011 OL Ryan Thomas Has Early Favorite

F.W. Buchholz High School lineman Ryan Thomas made his second trip to Atlanta to watch Georgia Tech play Wake Forest this weekend. The Gainesville, Florida junior talked about his recent trip up to Atlanta and names an early favorite.

Ryan Thomas - Profile

I understand you made your second trip to Atlanta this past Saturday?

"Yes sir I sure did, I came up from Gainesville to watch Georgia Tech play Wake Forest. I had a real good time up there. I didn't get to do a whole lot as I got there right as Yellow Jacket Alley was starting. It was a good trip though. The game was exciting."

Did your team come out on top?

"Yes sir, I was pulling for the Yellow Jackets to win."

This was your second trip to Atlanta, correct?

"Yes sir, it was. I was at the Tech's game with Virginia Tech. It was a very exciting game too."

What are some of the schools recruiting you right now?

"I would say that Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Cincinnati, UCF, Iowa State, North Carolina State and Ole Miss are the main ones off the top of my head."

Which team is recruiting the hardest at this point?

"I would say that Georgia Tech is by far recruiting me the hardest. I get a lot of stuff them every week."

Would you say that Georgia Tech is a school that is a leader for you?

"Yes sir I would say that they are my favorite and leader right now."

What makes them a school that is appealing to you?

"They have the best combination of academics and high caliber football. I mean they are in the top ten in the BCS and they are a top ten academic school. That is a great combination. They are playing real good football right now. They have success across the board."

What are you looking for in a school?

"Even though I haven't decided what type of major I want, I do know I want a school to be one that is a top notch academic school. I'd like to play in a BCS conference as well."

When do you think you would want to make a decision on a school?

"I'm not setting anything in stone as I want to get some film of me out and see what happens from there. It is too early to be setting any time table. I have along ways to go."

Dale's Take:

Ryan was very high on Georgia Tech. He really likes the fact that they are not only a top ten school on the football filed but that are a top ten school academic wise. That was something that was very impressive and important to him. He says he is done making any game visits for the season and will let his recruiting process take shape after he hits the Junior Days at schools early next year.

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