Iman Shumpert: "I just go out there and play"

The game plan for Iman Shumpert going into the exhibition game against Indiana University of Pennsylvania was to only play a few minutes in the first half. Iman played a little more than expected and talks about how it felt and gives his thoughts on how the team looked.

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Going into the game you were expected to get five to eight minutes but got a little more. How did it feel out there?

"It felt good. It was just a safety precaution for a small boo-boo. I felt good. I felt my condition wasn't as bad as I thought it would be."

You stroked some nice three's. Did that make you wish you could have played more?

"Yeah it did but it's just an exhibition game and I knew I didn't have to go too hard. I figured we'd pull it out. We're a good enough team to pull it out. We had a lot of ups and downs during the game. You expect that trying to get a lot of young guys in to the game. I can see in them that they were a little over anxious in the beginning. They really don't know a lot of stuff at the college level. They played their first game in front of everybody. I think we'll be fine. It was their first game and everybody was just trying to play up to their expectations. We'll be all right"

The team used a lot of different combinations. How did it look to you?

"I like the combinations that we can play. I like all the guards. Everyone has a different swag and everyone can play point guard. Me, Mo (Maurice Miller), and Mfon (Mfon Udofia) can all play at the same time. I definitely like the versatility of the guards on the perimeter. Having Zach Peacock, Gani Lawal, and Derrick Favors makes us feel real comfortable."

It seems you should be a better three point shooting team this year?

"Definitely, definitely as you could see a lot of the three's that I took were basically uncontested. When you have D'Andre Bell penetrating and Mfon penetrating and you have Gani and Favors down there the guy in the corner and the guy on the wing can get one off. In the second half I think we weren't even looking to score sometimes. A lot of guys were catching it standing straight up. You have to catch it in a shot ready position."

It seems like some guys were a little hesitant to shoot?

"Exactly, seeing the score and seeing it close I think we just have to play. We'll get it right,"

I guess doubling down helps the guys on the wing?

"Oh yeah, Gani and Favors are improving on kicking it out and it's a place where we can shoot it and not way up high or too low. They're working on hitting us in the chest. I think they're doing a pretty good job."

When he got his chance today, Glen Rice showed a pretty good floor game.

"Yeah, yeah, Glen's got a really good feel for the game. I think he's going to be a good player."

Do you have a preference for the one or the two?

"It doesn't matter to me. If I get my pick I'm playing point guard. I've always played point guard. I just got taller in high school and everybody started playing me on the wing. I've never really played the wing that much. I think my junior year in high school I played it for a little bit and then I went back to the point guard. Now I can shoot it a little bit so some people put me on the wing. I really don't care. I just go out there and play."

What do you think the team needs to work on moving forward?

"Just keeping the ball out of the paint; there's no reason for them to be driving into the paint like that on us hitting those floaters. A lot of guys were gambling instead of staying between your man and the basket especially in shot-clock situations. I think we just need to work on guarding the ball and making our big men's jobs easier. If they have to come over and help that leaves their guy open. A lot of that comes back on the guards. We have to come down there and help them out with the rebounds. We have to keep our man in front of us so they don't have to help all the time."

Did the offense take advantage of the height difference?

"No, I think we should have done a way better job. I think they only had one guy over 6'6". It's an exhibition game and we'll be ready to play."

What did you think of Mo's performance?

"I knew he would step up and make his free throws at the end. In practice he's been real comfortable at the line. Getting him back into the swing of things after all the concussions; it's good for Mo to get back out there. I think he's a lot more comfortable having me and Mfon with him. He doesn't have to have it all on his back bringing the ball up all the time. He's just out there playing. He's comfortable. I think Mo's going to have a very good season."

D'Andre looked like he was having a good time out there throwing his body around?

"Yeah, yeah D'Andre is just out there playing. He's not thinking about his neck injury. He's just playing ball." Top Stories