Davidson: "Georgia Tech is my #1 by far"

Grimsley High School running back Eric Davidson recently visited Georgia Tech for their game with Virginia Tech. The Greensboro, North Carolina junior talks about the visit, who recruiting him, and names an early leader.

Eric Davidson - Profile

Eric, what are your measurables?

"I am 5'8" and weigh 185 pounds and have run a 4.54 forty."

What position do you play for Grimsley High School?

"I am a running back for my high school team."

How has your season been?

"It has been a little tough for us this year. We have a lot of young players this season and we are getting some good experience. Next year looks to be a better year for us. I am looking to have a better season too as I had to deal with a high ankle sprain for most of the year."

As a player, what do you feel your best traits are?

"I feel I have very good vision and I am explosive hitting the hole that my linemen open for me."

What do you want to work on as a player?

"I feel I can improve my speed and blocking to make me a more complete back as I head off to college. I plan on working hard in the off season to improve those two areas along with my strength and normal off season conditioning."

How has your recruiting been coming along?

"It has been doing very well. I went to the Georgia Tech - Virginia Tech game a couple of weeks ago. I had a real good time at Georgia Tech."

What did you get to do while you were there?

"We toured all of the facilities while we were there. I got to see the weight room which is real nice. We saw the locker rooms which are very nice too. We experienced Yellow Jacket Alley and I can tell you it was breath taking as the fans were giving the recruits high five's and told us how much they wanted us to come to Georgia Tech. It was a great feeling to see the fans go out of their way to make the recruits feel special. I really enjoyed that. Antonio Foster showed me around while I was there. He's a very nice person and talked about Tech and what type of school it is and how good it is to be a student-athlete at Tech."

How did you like the game?

"The game was great. I loved the how Coach Johnson runs his offense and he gets all the running backs touches in a game. He makes very good use out of his running backs. I really loved that part. The game itself was awesome. The players were really hyped after the game and it was great to see them after the game."

What is next for you?

"I am going to the Duke game this weekend against Georgia Tech. Duke is another team along with Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Louisville, and Rutgers that are recruiting me."

Would you have a school that is a favorite out of that bunch?

"Yes sir, I would say that Georgia Tech is my number one by far right now. I've talked with Coach Spencer a lot. He's a great coach and person. He tells me what type of person and football player Georgia Tech wants and he is very open and honest with me. I am very impressed with him as my recruiting coach."

Have you been to any other schools this year?

"I have gone to Northwestern and Elon so far this year."

Who seems to be recruiting you the hardest?

"I think Georgia Tech, who I get something from just about every day or every other day and Duke are recruiting me the hardest. Northwestern is up there too."

Dale's Take:

Eric is an excellent interview. He is very open on how he looks at the recruiting process and understands how it works. He is set to work hard this off season to get better and improve his game. Eric is also very humble in my opinion. His Dad was telling me how great he is in the class room. Eric carries a 3.9 GPA and is enrolled in honors and AP classes in high school. He has already been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse and his SAT scores are good but Eric is retaking them to get even better scores. His desire is not only in football but in the classroom as well.

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