Ray Drew Holds 11 Offers

Thomas County Central's Ray Drew stands at 6'5" and 240 lbs. He's a monster defensive end that many top programs in the country are hoping will join their team in the future. GoJackets.com caught up with the big-time prospect to talk about football and his recruitment.

Ray Drew - Profile

So who is recruiting you right now?

"As of now, I have 11 offers from Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, East Carolina, South Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke, and Tennessee."

That's quite a list already, who would you say is recruiting you the hardest?

"I get a lot of mail from Tennessee and Georgia Tech. I see more from them than anyone, and Florida as well. Those three schools I hear the most from."

Have you been able to make any visits this fall?

"I made it to the FSU - Miami game on Labor Day. It's the only unofficial visit I've been on."

Do you plan on trying to make another this season?

"I want to try to make it to Georgia Tech for the Georgia game. (Offensive line) Coach (Todd) Spencer invited me up there and I want to go."

Tell me a about the one trip you've made, to FSU.

"It was pretty good, but I've been there a number of times. It's only thirty minutes away. So, it wasn't an extraordinary visit or anything, it was just another trip."

With recruiting starting to pick up for you, what will you be looking for in a school in order to make your decision?

"Most of it is education. Besides that, having a great coaching staff, fan support and good tradition are important as well. I want to go to a strong program too, one that isn't struggling right now."

Do you have any sort of timetable for when you'd like to have your recruitment over with?

"I'm going to hold up as long as I can, but not be that jerk who keeps everybody waiting until the last minute. I'm just going to hold off until I know for sure. I want to make sure. But I have no real timetable right now."

So I imagine you've been keeping up with college football. What teams are standing out to you so far?

"Well I will just try to go through it by conferences. In the SEC, it's Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama. In the ACC, its Miami and Georgia Tech. I don't really see much of the Big Ten or Big 12 or the rest. I know Oregon is doing well."

So how did your high school season end up?

"Pretty good. We just finished the regular season 9-1 by beating rival Bainbridge last Friday 13 to 3. We now have playoffs coming up and we play Alcovy in the first round. They come to us because we have home field advantage. I had a pretty good season. The other defensive end and I led our region in sacks and hurries. I had quite a few tackles for loss, too, and two or three forced fumbles."

Jared's Take:

At this time, Ray said he has no favorites. He is keeping it open. The playoffs are taking all his focus right now, and he's looking forward to trying to make the visit to Georgia Tech.

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