Jabari Hunt-Days Has A Clear Favorite

Hillgrove's Jabari Hunt-Days has been to every Georgia Tech home game this fall. His older brother Synjyn, is committed to playing for the Yellow Jackets. GoJackets.com spoke with Jabari about his recruiting situation.

Jabari Hunt-Days

Who is recruiting you?

"Right now the schools are Oklahoma State, North Carolina State, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Duke, pretty much the ACC and SEC schools; most of them."

Do you have any offers yet?

"I do have one from Toledo from the summer. I haven't heard much from them though."

Which schools would you say are recruiting you the hardest?

"I'd say Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Alabama."

What position are most schools recruiting you for?

"Georgia Tech is recruiting me as a b-back and also linebacker. The other schools are recruiting me as a linebacker. Georgia Tech is the only one at b-back because we run the same offense at Hillgrove."

Do you have any favorites at this time?

"Right now my favorite would be Georgia Tech."

Have you made any visits this fall?

"I was at Georgia Tech for the Virginia Tech game. I've been to all of their home games this year. I will be going to the Georgia Tech-Georgia game, too."

Tell me about your time there and about Georgia Tech.

"I think Georgia Tech is a great place to be around. I feed off of the positive energy there. I like the happy environment. It's great and the games are very hyped. I love going to them. It's very loud at kickoff. I've been around there before and gone around campus with my brother (Synjyn Days) the last junior day. They talked about the academics and I have seen the campus and the dorm rooms. I like it."

What are the main factors you're looking for in a school? What's most important to you?

"I'm going to look for a good atmosphere, which I've already seen from Georgia Tech. I want coaches I'm able to interact with and that have Christian backgrounds and so far I've seen that with Tech. Academics is important, good academics."

You seem to really love Georgia Tech. Do you feel a Tech offer will be coming soon?

"I do feel like Georgia Tech will offer soon. I pray that's on the table for me to get an offer there."

If they did offer, would you be committing right then?

"Yes, most likely I would. Yes sir, I would. One of the most important things is playing with my brother. I would like to visit Coach Richt again, though, too. He's a great guy, but I would commit to Georgia Tech right then, if they offered."

You've mentioned your brother a couple times, that was my next question. It's important to you to play with him at the next level?

"Yes sir, that's a great factor. Both of us being there together would be great. We both work hard and get after it. Another thing is that we could both be together to bring people to Christ. That's another good factor."

So how did your high school season end up?

"We started off 6-0 and worked as hard as we could. Synjyn kind of got hurt and that was a big factor. We had lost a great player for us, for about two weeks. That probably hurt us. We finished 7-3."

Jared's Take:

Jabari's team will not be playing in the playoffs, however he is really looking forward to his next visit to Atlanta for the Georgia game. He's also hoping and praying that he will be able to join his brother in less than a couple years at Georgia Tech.

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