Miller: "I was just trying to lead the team"

Getting on the court against Indiana University of Pennsylvania was something Maurice Miller was looking forward to after suffering through last season's and this preseason's injuries. Mo talks about what it was like to get back on the court in this post-game interview.

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Did it feel good to be back out there after all your injuries?

"Yes sir, just playing and getting an opportunity and not even thinking about it and playing hard. I was just trying to lead the team. It felt like we didn't have any energy for some reason. Everybody seemed kind of down. I don't know if we were just trying to get the kinks out but we have to do better and work on some things in practice. We'll be alright."

You hit some big foul shots at the end of the game.

"Yeah that's something that we definitely have to improve on. We shoot fifty to a hundred foul shots every day. I don't see why we struggled at that part. I think we'll be alright. We have a lot of freshmen playing their first game, putting their jerseys on for the first time. Maybe we're over this point so when we get back in practice, we'll go over some things and get ready for Saturday."

It's nice that you made them when they counted.

"Yes sir, you just have step up and shoot it and have faith that you'll make it and I felt that I would make them. I felt like I would make my free throws at the end."

You and Mfon Udofia were on the floor at the end of the game. You seemed to compliment each other real well?

"We're still learning each other but for the most part me, Mfon, and Iman Shumpert love playing with each other because it takes a lot of pressure off each other. It's something we haven't been able to do in the previous years. It's a good feeling."

You pulled down a big board at the end of the game to set up a basket?

"Yeah, I was just trying to get the ball with the time running down. You never know what can happen with this game in the college game. We were just trying to get ourselves out of those situations where we might get upset tonight."

Does having Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors down low allow you to be more aggressive on defense?

"It does because you know you have two trees down there. Nine times out of ten when the guards go down there it's going to get blocked and it gives us the opportunity to run the lane. We can be more free than we have been in the previous years."

What was your impression of Akida McClain? He had a good game against you.

"He played well. He played really well. He stepped up and made some big shots. He played aggressive. He's a good player." Top Stories