Quayshawn Nealy - A New Team in the Picture?

A new team has entered the picture for Lakeland High School defensive end Quayshawn Nealy. Nealy talks about the new team, his eighteen offers, and getting ready for the state playoffs.

Quayshawn Nealy - Profile

How has the senior season been?

"We are doing great. We have a big rival game this week and then we start the playoffs. We feel that we are really strong and can bring home the state title. We know we will have to bring our best game as we will be facing real good passing teams but we feel we are up to the task."

What position are you being recruited for?

"I am being recruited mainly as an outside linebacker by all the schools."

I understand you just picked up a new offer just recently?

"Yes sir I sure did. Georgia Tech extended me an offer this past week."

Is Georgia Tech a team that you are interested in despite the late offer?

"Oh yes sir I sure am. I showed my dad the offer and he was real excited for me. He told me how great of a school Georgia Tech is and how much a degree from them means. I also looked up how many linebackers they put in the NFL and I saw that they put up the second most behind Miami. That was something that really stood out to me."

Have you made a visit to Georgia Tech?

"No sir I haven't but I am doing what it takes to get up there. I want to go to the Georgia Tech and Georgia game but we may still be playing football in the playoffs and that will make it nearly impossible for me to make that game. I know I will set a time aside after my season is officially over as I want to see the school, facilities, and talk to the coaches and players."

Who have you spoken with from Georgia Tech?

"I've talked with Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Mary) mainly and he came by my school just last week. He tells me they are really recruiting linebackers hard and the ones that they extend an offer to are ones that they really want this year. That me feel wanted and was great to know."

What other school stands out to you?

"I would say Ole Miss is another school that really stands out. When I talk with the coaches I feel at home so to speak when we talk. The coaches ask me about football and other things in my life such as my grades and how I like playing the tuba at Harrington. They seem to take a real interest in me as person and that means a lot."

Would it be fair to say then that Georgia Tech and Ole Miss are probably your top two schools right now?

"Yes sir you can definitely say that. I know I will need to take some visits to really sort things out. That is something I will do as soon as my senior year is over."

Do you have any officials set up?

No sir not at this time but I will be trying to set ones up with Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, Purdue, and Michigan. South Florida isn't too far away so I will be making an unofficial trip to them most likely. Once I make these trips I can't look at everything and make a decision on which school I want to go to. I do know that whatever school I choose, it has to be one that I really feel at home when I am there and that is the most important thing right now.'

Dale's Take: Quayshawn was very happy to get the offer from Georgia Tech. Just from hearing what his Dad has to say about Tech and the little research he did on Tech, they became one of his leaders despite getting in late in his recruiting process. He has made a good bond with Coach Brian Jean-Mary and he is setting aside dates to see when he can make a trip up to Atlanta from Lakeland, Florida. This linebacker has a lot left in recruiting despite the short time left in the process.

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