Howard: "I just want to end it the right way"

Senior offensive guard Cordaro Howard entered the 2009 season with one last chance to win the ACC championship. Cord spoke to us following the win over Duke and talked about how much it means to get that chance to go back to the ACC Championship Game and win that game.

Cordaro Howard - Profile

Can you put your finger on why the offense has gotten off to a slow start the past few weeks?

"I really can't say. Penalties are a big part of the game and we were shooting ourselves in the foot and going backwards instead of forwards. That has been very influential over the past couple of starts. That's something we have to work on. Most of the time it's mental errors; bad hand placement and bad foot placement."

What does it mean to you to get to go back to the ACC Championship Game?

"Honestly until now I didn't grasp the concept that I was going back. It seemed too far-fetched in the beginning of the season. A lot of things went on; some ups and downs and just getting back is great. I played in it before and we just came up short. I just want to end it the right way. It means a lot because quite a few of us were there before. I think it's going to be big."

Knowing the things you accomplished on offense this season must help when you get off to a slow start.

"Yes, basically because the slow starts really came from penalties. A lot of it was mental and not really physical. We can correct that in film sessions and in practice."

Is it a matter about being excited about what you can accomplish that prevents you from focusing?

"That may be the case sometimes. Everyone is excited. It's a big opportunity for everyone. Sometimes when you are overexcited you may do some things that are uncharacteristic."

What did you have to say to Orwin Smith after he got caught from behind?

"Me and Orwin grew up together, so I wanted to go over there and give it to him. It was a big play for us either way it went. We scored the next play so I wasn't mad at him. He got us to the two. He could have dove for it. (laughter)"

How much satisfaction did you get from seeing a lot of your offensive line teammates get a chance to play today?

"It was actually hilarious seeing some guys get some reps. They work just as hard as we do in practice. Anytime we get a lead like that and the coaches feel its official enough to send them in it's good for them because who knows what might happen to one of us. It's good to know if someone can fill in for us."

Is where the team is at now what you dreamed of when you came here to Georgia Tech?

"Yeah, it really is. We're 10-1. Me seeing that I didn't think it was realistic with all the coaching changes and the different things that went on with this program. To see where we are now is pretty exciting. I think we're going out with a bang."

With a couple of days off now, I guess the team will come back focused and ready for Georgia?

"We have quite a few people who need a few days off. Just getting some guys rest after playing eight or nine straight games will help."

How nice is it to have someone like a Dan Voss to come in when Sean Bedford goes down?

"Dan is a former starter. Seeing him get in and filling that slot is very encouraging."

Have you heard any prognosis on Sean?

"He seems like he has an ankle sprain. The time off is coming at the right time." Top Stories