Davidson: "Georgia Tech is still at the top"

Eric Davidson recently visited Atlanta to watch Georgia Tech play. The junior running back from Greensboro, North Carolina had a second chance to see them play as a guest of Duke this past weekend. Eric talked about the visit, who leads, and his off season hopes and plans.

Eric Davidson - Profile

When we last spoke you had plans to go to Duke this weekend for the Georgia Tech game against the Blue Devils. Did you make the trip and how did it go?

"Yes sir I sure did and it was a good time. When we got there the players were eating their pre-game meal and we had a chance to go down to the field and watch the team warm up. We then moved up to our seats in the stands and watched the game. It was an exciting game for the first part of the first half as Duke came out really fired up and played Georgia Tech tough. Still Tech and their athletes took over and took control of the game. I will say that I am real excited and happy for Georgia Tech and the players for winning the Coastal Division and playing in the ACC Championship game."

Did you get a chance to talk with any of the coaches?

"I talked with Coach Collins some and he is coming by my school a couple of weeks after the season. I am thinking that an offer might be in the works. I hope I see one coming my way."

Did you get a chance to tour the facilities?

"I have already seen the locker room there and most of the other facilities. They are nice and getting better."

Since Georgia Tech and Duke are your most two recent visits, how would you rate the game day and facilities of both schools?

"Facility-wise, Duke is upgrading theirs and they are very good. I'd still rate the ones at Georgia Tech better though. The game day is better at Georgia Tech too. The fan base at Duke is not up to the rest of the schools as they haven't done too well on the field for a little while. However Coach (David) Cutcliffe has the program going in the right direction."

How would you rate the trip?

"Overall I felt the trip was pretty good. It was a good visit all around and we enjoyed ourselves."

Did this trip change anything as far as which teams you like the best?

"No sir, not really. I can't say the trip changed that at all. Georgia Tech is still at the top with Duke, Northwestern, Louisville, Rutgers, Syracuse, and Vanderbilt behind them."

What is up next for you?

"I am going to see the Alabama and UT-Chattanooga game next weekend as I have a family member that plays for UTC."

What plans do you have between now and when the Junior Days start up early next year?

"Right now I am working out on my own doing what it takes to improve my speed and strength. I know next season is my last year in high school and I want to be ready. I decided to go ahead and get an early start on off season workouts and then get with my teammates in January as the team starts the off season workouts as a whole."

Dale's Take:

Eric had a good time at Duke and he liked everything there. Still, he is very impressed with Georgia Tech and how they play and how their offense clicks and the backs get used. He is really wanting an offer from the Yellow Jackets and is putting in hard time in the weight room and doing conditioning drills to improve his strength and speed. He says he compares himself with Marcus Wright of Georgia Tech and hopes to be one of the running backs that Coach Johnson uses once he gets to college.

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