Oliver: I Just Caught Fire

Brian Oliver was recruited to Georgia Tech to be a three point shooter. Brian talks about the hot start he had Saturday night against Florida A&M and gives his thoughts on his role with the team and the upcoming tournament in Puerto Rico.

You seemed to get on a hot streak Saturday night?

"I was sitting on the bench and I was watching my team and everyone was getting excited and getting after it. Everybody was doing their part. Coach called my name to come in and I had a couple of open looks. My teammates said that if I had open looks to just shoot it. I made sure I got my shot off and just caught fire there."

Have they been trying to impress on the wings that if they have the open look to take the shot?

"The goal is to get the ball inside to Gani (Lawal) and Derrick (Favors) because that will open up our guard play. A lot of people know what they're capable of. People are playing zone just to get a feel of what we can do on the outside. We're just trying to show people that we're a well balanced team."

You had twelve points in thirteen minutes. I guess you'd like that kind of production all the time?

"That was pretty nice. That was good. I was pretty excited about that."

Is that your spot in the corner?

"Pretty much; it doesn't really matter. They brought me in here to shoot three's and that's what I'm going to do and just keep trying to produce."

Was coach satisfied with the defensive work that you and Glen (Rice) did when you came into the game?

"He was actually. He was. He talks about that all the time in practice. Defense is going to be our biggest thing. We have to play defense and then we have to run teams and pressure them all the time."

How are you and the rest of the freshmen class gelling together?

"When I came in during the summer I didn't know anybody except for Derrick just a little bit. Everybody is gelling off the court and on the court. We're getting a real good feel for how each of us plays. We're gelling pretty well."

Will the teams you'll be playing in Puerto Rico give you a good indication of how good the team is?

"Dayton is a real good team. We're not sleeping on them. They have great players and a good coach and that's why they're ranked the way they are. We just have to go in with our heads focused and focus on the goal. Villanova's a great program. We just have to come in prepared and do our job."

Do you like playing against teams like you'll face in Puerto Rico that like to play an up tempo game?

"Yes, that should be fun. We work on condition a lot here in practice just to be ready for that. We do like to run the floor. It will be a lot of fun."

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