Quan Bray Discusses Playoffs & Recruiting

Callaway, Georgia athlete Quan Bray has seen his recruitment pick up recently. Quan had two schools make recent visits to his high school. He talks about those visits and how his team is doing in the high school playoffs.

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How has you team been doing in the playoffs?

"We have been doing real well. We won 47-7 and I had a 3-6 night passing for 100 plus yards. I also ran for 130 yards. We take on Westminster next in the second round of the playoffs."

Do you think your team will make a strong run in the playoffs?

"I think we have an excellent shot at a very strong run. We play as a team and I think we can do well."

How about your recruiting, anything new to report?

"Yes sir. Georgia Tech and West Virginia both came by my high school. Coach Buzz Preston was letting me know how much they want me at Georgia Tech. I have a written offer from them. Georgia Tech is one of the schools that I am interested in. Also, West Virginia came by to keep me up to date of their interest in me too."

How many written offers do you have to date?

"I don't know right off the top of my head, but I do know it is in double digits."

Are there any schools that are standing out to you this early in your process?

"No sir, not this early. I would have to say that all schools are pretty much even. With my team being in the playoffs, it is pretty hard to really concentrate on recruiting. I know that there are a lot of teams that interest me and that they are a lot of teams showing me a lot of interest as well. Once the season is over and I can start looking at schools more closely, I think I will have a better handle on which schools interest me."

Since you have mentioned that Georgia Tech and West Virginia have been by your school, are they two schools that do interest you?

"Yes sir, both schools have good offenses and I like both of them very much. Still I have a lot to learn about a lot of the schools so it is hard to really put one school in front of another."

Dale's Take:

Quan was playing his recruiting down a bit or you could say close to the vest as he is very wrapped up in helping his team make a good run at the state title if not win the state title. He knows he has a lot of time in front of him to learn more about each school that is showing interest in him and he'll use that time to do just that.

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