Bostic Adresses Rumors

Atlanta Journal Constitution Super 11 athlete B.J. Bostic has been rumored to be wavering on his commitment to Georgia Tech. BJ addressed these rumors today and confirmed his commitment to Tech stating that he will be enrolling on January 11th.

B.J. Bostic - Profile

Are you looking forward to your next game in the playoffs?

"Yes sir I am. We had a good game last week and we are going to the next round and hopefully all the way to the state title."

Reports have Coach Martinez and Coach Bobo at your game Friday is this true?

"Yes sir they both came down to watch us play as we played Coach Bobo's old high school.

What have the Georgia coaches been telling you?

"They haven't been really saying much to me but Coach Hartley, who used to be at West Virginia and got me my scholarship offer there, is on the Georgia staff in some capacity and has been telling me what the coaches want from me and how much they want me to be at Georgia even though they haven't offered me yet. Coach Hartley and I are good friends so he has been keeping me informed of what is going on at Georgia."

There are rumors that you are close to giving Georgia a commitment if they offer you, is this true?

"No sir I am committed to Georgia Tech. I will say that I will listen to what Georgia has to say. I would talk it over with my family and high school coach but right now if nothing funny happens between now and January 11th, I am going to be at Georgia Tech and in class."

What do you mean by something funny?

"Well there were rumors that Coach Johnson may be headed to Notre Dame and that has been addressed by him signing a new extension with Georgia Tech. Now Georgia Southern has fired their coach and I have heard that Coach (Giff) Smith is a leading candidate for that job. If he were to leave it would make me look at things really hard. Coach Smith offered me my scholarship and we have become very close over the past year or so. It would be a real blow to me if he left."

Conversely, Georgia has had rumors about both Coach Martinez and Coach Bobo, would that affect your thoughts about Georgia if they offer?

"Yes sir it sure would. I know Georgia is not doing too well right now and Georgia Tech is building something nice and on the rise. You have to look at that and see what is going on. Georgia Tech has had a stable staff and I have a good bond with Coach Smith. Georgia has had some turnover in their staff, not much but some and that will weigh on your mind."

Has Coach Johnson spoke with you any on this matter?

"Well I just talked with Coach Johnson the other day and he wished me well in the playoffs and wanted me to do well but he has never once mentioned anything about Georgia rumors. He knows what commitment means and we (recruits) know how he feels about commitment, once you commit you are done with the recruiting and I have been that way since I committed."

Who addressed Georgia game you went to with a friend?

"Oh, that would be Coach Smith. He said that they knew I just went with a friend it was nothing to do with recruiting but it was probably best that I not go to another Georgia game unless it was at Georgia Tech and I was wearing the white and gold. He was real cool about it as there was nothing to it."

So, how would you sum up all the rumors?

"My plans are to enroll at Georgia Tech on January 11th to be with my new teammates and my cousin Chris. I plan on being a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket and I am looking forward to the next four or five years in Atlanta. The rumors came about because the Georgia coaches were at my game Friday and I have said that if something funny happens that I would give them a look. I don't foresee anything happening so to me there is nothing to it."

Sounds, good because I would hate for Chris's Mom to get you!

"(Laughing) Yes sir, she would come over and let me have it as she has been a big part of me going to Georgia Tech too. It would be tough to have her after me."

Dale's Take:
BJ was very open and real sincere about what is going on. He says he can't control rumors but he will do what he says he will do and that is to attend Georgia Tech unless circumstances at Georgia Tech change. He says he doesn't let the rumors affect him in any way and he will not add fuel to the fire and that he will prove that by being very open and honest about the situation. He confirmed the fact he has a bunch of Georgia Tech stuff to put in his room over his Georgia items he use to have. Top Stories