Coach Sewak - We Thought We'd Be Better

The bye week couldn't have come at a better time for Coach Mike Sewak's offensive line. Coach Sewak met with us after practice yesterday to talk about what they'll face in Georgia's front four, the condition of the injured linemen, and the progress the team has made from last season to this season.

The team is averaging over thirty six points a game, over four hundred yards in total offense, and over three hundred yards on the ground. Is this something you expected going into the season?

"I think we thought we'd be better from a year ago. We seem to be a little bit better with our angles from the point of attack. The quarterback is doing a better job of reading the option at the proper angles that they're hitting it at. We seem to be getting the big plays out of the A Backs on the perimeter. The option is designed on good reads and we're getting good reads with the quarterback play and that helps immensely. If you can get that play side linebacker blocked everything else falls into place."

I guess your guys are looking forward to the bye week as much as any other position?

"Our guys are banged up pretty good. (Todd) Spencer and I have played six or seven guys exclusively this season so they've had a lot of live reps. One thing about us is that a good offensive lineman should always be in some sort of collision. There have been a lot of collisions so far this season. You have to keep sharpening up so you're coming off and hitting at the same time. The timing is very important to the execution of all plays. You still have to practice at full speed. I don't know if the collisions have to be as great as they would in a game but we do have to have some full speed collisions. We can limit those in the bye week but we can get better at our technique. I think that's something we plan on doing. We're working on our physical change of direction and our lower body balance. I think those are some of the things we can get accomplished this week."

Phil Smith has increased his reps as the season went on and now he's starting. How did he look out there?

"He looked like a redshirt freshman doing the very best job he could for us. On occasions he looked seasoned and on other occasions he looked unseasoned. A lot of it has to do with the game speed. When you're out there and people are jumping and twisting around you, the defensive recognition, scheme recognition, and accomplishing those things at the pace that you need to have all factor in out there. You can practice those things but each game is different and until you get the amount of live reps in those type of situations you don't know how a kids going to react. Now that he's reacted and seen it on tape he can develop his game."

You were able to play quite a few of your linemen against Duke. Did they get enough reps for you to get an idea of how they play in live action?

"I think they did. I was pleased with the way Danny Voss came in and finished the game for Sean Bedford. Danny started twelve games for us last year and he did a nice job finishing the game for us. Zach Krish got a bunch of reps. Nick Claytor got some more snaps and Nick McRae got some more snaps and I think that helped us in the depth in the long run in helping those guys develop their game."

What is the status of Bedford and (Omoregie) Uzzi?

"Uzzi got hurt a couple of weeks back and it kept getting worse so the trainers and I just sat him out last week. It looks like we'll have him back and he should be ready to go for the game. I don't think Sean Bedford is as bad as we thought. He's a tough kid and he's going to try and go ahead and do everything right. He's very conscientious and he'll try to get as much treatment as he can to get himself ready to go. He doesn't miss anything; study hall, class, he doesn't miss anything. He lives life to the fullest."

With Sean out for a while will Zach Fraysier be getting the backup reps?

"Zach Fraysier will get some of the backup reps and we can also get Zach Christian there too. We had him doing some snaps. Zach Fraysier had a little bit of sickness earlier in the season that kept him out for a few weeks. Zach Christian got a lot of valuable reps and he would have been our third center up at Duke. Zach Fraysier didn't travel because he had lost a lot of weight and is just now coming back. Yeah, Zach Fraysier will get a lot of reps this week."

You'll be facing a strong defensive line when you play Georgia. What do you see from them?

"They're very very strong. You have Geno Atkins, (Kade) Weston, and (DeAngelo) Tyson. You have Houston on the edge now making plays. They're getting pressure on four man rushes so they don't need their linebackers anymore. Their linebackers can run and they're very physical. What you have to do is get your pad level underneath them and get into them and tie them up. If you can tie them up just enough, maybe you can squeak a back through there or get your quarterback into the secondary level. After that maybe their athleticism can carry over." Top Stories