Phil Smith - "We're Pretty Confident"

The week following the Coastal Division clinching win over Duke, we met with offensive lineman Phil Smith to discuss the upcoming game with Georgia, his increased playing time, and how the days off helped him to recover from the grind of the long season.

How did you like the time off?

"It definitely helped. I banged up my foot a little bit. After the game I had problems walking. The extra day definitely helped out with that. I rested it and iced it a few times a day. I got some really good sleep and that kind of thing. It really helped out."

You've had your reps increased weekly. How was your conditioning out there having to play the whole game?

"My conditioning was fine. The beginning of the season was the hardest part about conditioning. Since the first few games, it hasn't been that big of an issue. We condition at practice so that helps us stay in shape."

You've worked on both sides of the line; how was it out there against Duke playing on the right side?

"Both Cord (Howard) and Joe (Gilbert) are easy to work with. They help you out. If there's a question on a play, we'll work it out before we get to the line and it's done and over with."

The offense started off a little slow against Duke. What was the mood like in the huddle?

"We were pretty confident. We knew that it was stupid mistakes hurting us. Whenever you have penalties you're going to kill a drive. It really wasn't starting off bad we just had to cut down on the penalties."

I guess the way you recovered from slow starts the past few weeks helped your confidence against Duke when you started off slowly?

"It really does. It proves to us that we know we can recover and get back into the game and score some touchdowns."

When you signed with Georgia Tech, did you imagine that you'd be going home to play in the ACCCG?

"No, never in a million years. Last year it was definitely a possibility. I knew we would have a chance competing in the division but I didn't know if we'd be playing back in Tampa."

What's the confidence level of the team going into the Georgia game?

"We're pretty confident. They're a good team. They're a rivalry. We know they're very good and they've just had some missed opportunities during the season and we're not taking them lightly at all. We're taking it just like any other week. We're going to prepare our hardest for them." Top Stories