Dan Voss - It Was a Whole New World

Redshirt senior Dan Voss arrived on Georgia Tech's campus from Philadelphia five years ago with a goal of being able to play on the offensive line. Dan enters his final home game this coming Saturday and reflects on all that has happened over his five years at Tech.

We met you five years ago at practice after you had signed your letter of intent with Georgia Tech. What were your thoughts then as opposed to how things have ended up for you?

"Back then it was a whole new world opening up for me. Coming down to Atlanta from Philadelphia was a big change. I was leaving my family for the first time and I had so much great opportunity in front of me. Looking back on it, I don't regret a thing. I'm so glad I came here. I've had a great time. In the five years we've done great and hopefully we'll end on a great note If you would have told me as I freshman that we would have a chance to end up 13-1… that's why you come to Georgia Tech to play football."

Did you have any individual expectations or did you have any goals when you came here?

"My goal when I got here was that I wanted to play. The way it was set up Matt Rhodes and Kevin Tuminello were going to graduate when I was a redshirt junior. After being here a year or two I thought my best chance to play would be when I was a redshirt junior after Tuminello and Rhodes graduated. After Nate (McManus) got hurt when I was a redshirt sophomore, I was able to step in and play. I started seven games that season and had a great time and we did well that year. Last year I started as a redshirt junior was good and a great experience. I'm not starting this year but I accomplished a lot of goals I had like playing in big time games and beating Georgia. It's time for me this year to put the team ahead of personal goals."

With Sean (Bedford) suffering some injuries this season, I guess you have to be ready to play like you were for the Duke game?

"I'm always ready to play and that's the good thing from being a previous starter. I've shown that I'm capable of playing at a big time level. Sean has been banged up and he's had some cramping and his ankle is a little tender now. I'm definitely going to be ready to play. That's why you play football and that's why you do the fourth quarter runs and all that. You have to be ready to play when they call your number. Someone once told me don't count your reps, make your reps count."

What are your emotions going to be like? You're not only playing your last game at home but you're doing it against Georgia.

"It's senior day and it's against Georgia and this is big for us. Its prime time and it's really going to be exciting. There's going to be a rollercoaster of emotions. There's going to be a little bit of sadness this being my last home game. Hopefully we do well and go out on top. That would be a great way to do it."

You didn't get the championship the last time you played in the ACCCG against Wake Forest. Now you have a chance to come home with that championship ring.

"That was a heartbreaker. We lost the last three games that year. That was a tough way to end the season. That's why we've worked hard this year to reverse that. Hopefully we end the season a lot better than we did last time. If we can beat Georgia, win the ACCG, and win a bowl game that's almost like a fairy tale ending for my five year career here."

How important was it to get some time off especially for the offensive linemen?

"It was great for the offensive linemen. Sean was able to get a lot healthier by staying off the foot and Uzzi's been banged up a little bit. Those are the two guys that were banged up more than the others. As an offensive lineman, the types of practices that we have and the types of games we play everyone is going to be banged up. It helped not only getting yourself physically better but getting yourself mentally better by taking a little break relaxing and really enjoying yourself."

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