Sedric Griffin: "Never Doubted Myself"

Linebacker Sedric Griffin was the last recruit to commit to Georgia Tech in the 2006 recruiting class. The last minute recruitment of Sed turned out to be a very important one for the Tech defense. Sed talks about his years at Tech and how he hopes to finish out his career.

Sedric Griffin - Profile

We first heard your name when you were the last man in the Georgia Tech 2006 recruiting class to commit. How did that come about?

"I got selected for the Shrine Bowl (North Carolina versus South Carolina). I had offers from all the 1AA programs but no offers from division one offers. I went up there and played my butt off. I just wanted to prove to everyone that I was a BCS conference type player. So happily, Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Marie) was there and saw what I did. He believed in me and gave me the opportunity to play here."

When you received that offer did you dream that you'd end up your career as you are now?

"I always thought I had the skill and the hard work to be successful. So yes, I figured I'd have this type of success. I never doubted myself."

The last few years you've been fighting injuries. How tough has that been to perform the way you like to perform?

"It has been very, very tough. Injuries are part of the game but it hinders you and nags at you throughout the season. I kept fighting hard in the weight room and getting my rehab. I worked hard in the off season to make sure I got my body bigger and stronger so I could overcome some of the injuries. I broke my hand but I played every game this year."

Did the cast on your hand hinder you at all?

"The hardest thing with the cast on was getting off blocks and somewhat catching. I was going full steam ahead. When I saw the ball, I attacked the ball. I didn't have a problem with the cast when it came to tackling."

The last few games the defense has begun to put the pressure on the opposing offense?

"Right now we're striving for that perfect game. For the past eleven games we haven't played a complete game with both offense and defense. We're striving to do that now. We're trying to have a complete game. Sometimes we felt we were a liability to the offense. The offense was putting up so many points. We weren't pulling our weight. We want to come together and put a good four quarters together."

What will your emotions be like Saturday against Georgia for your last home game?

"High, very very high; it's senior night. Georgia is going to come in very motivated. The ball hasn't bounced their way this year. They could have very easily been 10-1 themselves. Things haven't worked out for them so they're coming in high. They're going to give us their best shot. Me and the team are going to give them our left hook."

They've been plagued by turnovers. Will that be an emphasis for our defense?

"The number one priority is stopping the run. Their backs have been good this year. I believe they're averaging around 120 yards a game. Our number one priority is stopping the run. If you stop the run, the turnovers will come."

You're getting a second chance to win the ACC championship. Are you looking forward to that?

"Yes, especially since I'm a South Carolina boy and I get a chance to play Clemson. I can go home and have something to talk about." Top Stories