Zach Peacock - "It Was a Fun Experience"

Following Georgia Tech's three game tournament in Puerto Rico, Zach Peacock talked about the experience. He's gaining his confidence in shooting three pointers as the team gets ready to face Mercer Friday afternoon at 4pm.

How was the experience in Puerto Rico?

"Overall I think it was a fun experience. As a team, it let us know what we were capable of doing. We had fun in what we did."

After losing the lead down the stretch against Dayton, what was the mindset when the team came out for the second game?

"We wanted less turnovers and better execution. That was the main thing we concentrated on going into the next game. As many turnovers as we had, that's why we lost the game."

I guess your pre-season conditioning paid off when you had to play three games in four days?

"Yeah definitely; the track workouts and the court workouts definitely paid off."

Two of the three games you only missed a few shots. I guess you were feeling it out there?

"I was taking whatever the defense was giving me. They were setting screens and I was wide open after that. Good passes set me up."

Coach (Paul Hewitt) mentioned that good passes are needed to set up the three's. He mentioned you as being one of the ones that can benefit from that.

"It's the truth; I think I can step out there and be a threat on the three point line."

It seemed like the team had a good rebounding edge in the games down there?

"Oh definitely, when you have Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors, two of the most talented rebounders in our league, you can expect that every game."

What do you expect from Mercer this Friday?

"I haven't seen or heard anything about them yet. We'll start going over the scouting report today [Wednesday]. For the most part I'm expecting a team that's going to get after us. They'll come in and try to get a win from us. The competition will be there."

Do you expect the rotation to be the same as we go further into the season?

"I really don't know about that. I don't have any controls over that so that's something I really don't think about. Whoever is playing good I know they'll play more than who's not playing good."

Do you feel more comfortable playing your natural position this season?

"I don't feel any different than any other year; my freshman and sophomore years. It's the same thing for me basically." Top Stories