Watts Dantzler - Did Georgia Tech Offer?

Watts Dantzler, junior offensive lineman from Dalton, Georgia, made his second trip down to Atlanta to watch Georgia Tech play Georgia. Watts had previously been to the North Carolina game. He talked about the pre-game atmosphere and the visit he had to Coach Paul Johnson's office.

How was your trip to Georgia Tech?

"It was a very fun visit. I had a great time. The atmosphere was bigger than the one at North Carolina because it was the big rival game with Georgia. I would rated my trip there an 8 or a 9. I had a real good time."

What did you get to do this time?

"Some of the players took me and another recruit on a tour of the weight room and locker room which I really liked. We then went down and watch waited for the start of Yellow Jacket Alley. They came and got us and we walked down to the starting point of Yellow Jacket Alley where they get off the buses. We watched the players make the walk and then we followed up. A lot of the fans knew my face and they shouted out my name and said they really wanted me at Georgia Tech. That was very cool, I liked that very much. Made you feel like the fans really take an interest in the program and like the players regardless of anything."

What else did you get to do?

"Well after that I had a chance to talk to Coach Brian Bohannon, he winked at me and said he had something for me and for me to wait until he got back. I thought it was going to be an offer but when he got back, he asked me to follow him. We went into Coach Johnson's office and Coach Johnson handed me a written letter. It was my offer that I had wanted to get. Coach Johnson said he really liked what he saw in me and thought I would be perfect for his offensive line. I always thought I was too big for his type of linemen he looks for. I was very pleased to see that he feels I would make a great addition to the team."

How about you, do you feel you could be a good lineman in Coach Johnson's offense?

"I think I can be a good one but if Coach Johnson is saying I would definitely be one then I know I could be as he knows this offense better than anyone. I had always thought my size wasn't the right fit. Coach Johnson said that I am a perfect type of lineman he looks for in his offense."

Since the regular season is over and there isn't any games left to visit, what are you plans for the next few months?

"Well, I play basketball for my high school so I am doing a lot practicing for that and there are also the games. I will hit the weights to get better and stronger because if you get complacent, there are other guys out there that are working hard and will pass you if you don't do what it takes to get into a major college. I will work hard up until spring practice to make sure I improve my game even more."

Do you have a leader right now?

"No sir I do not have a leader. Everyone knows my family went to Georgia and that they think Georgia is where I will go. I get letters from about seventy different schools and I want to sit down and look at all my options. I am not going to make a rushed decision and it will be a decision that I will make that I think is best for me and the place I feel I fit in the best and feel the most comfortable. I want to see as many schools as I can and get as much information on each school. I will read up on them and look at what they have to offer and everything and make a decision myself."

Have you given much thought to official visits for next year?

"I know that two schools will get one and that is Auburn and Georgia. The other three will come out of schools like Georgia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee."

How about the academic side? What type of major do you feel you will pursue in college?

"I will most likely go into Chemistry or Biology when I get to college."

Dale's Take: Watts was a very good interview. He was very open and really liked the time he had at Georgia Tech yesterday. He was hoping for a written offer and he got one even though Watts felt like he wasn't the type of lineman that fit into Coach Johnson's offense. He was extremely pleased at getting his offer and that it made him very happy to know how much Coach Johnson thinks of him as a player.

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