Sean Bedford - We Have to Play Our Game

Georgia Tech center Sean Bedford and his teammates were feeling the pain of the Saturday night loss to Georgia. Following the game, Sean talked about that pain, what could have been, and what the team has to look forward to when they begin preparing for Clemson in the coming week.

Did Georgia do anything different?

"I don't think they were doing anything we hadn't seen before. As a matter of fact I know they weren't doing anything we hadn't seen before. You have to tip your hat to their defensive front. They really played a good game. Those two tackles are monsters. I guess when they rotated there wasn't a big falloff. I don't know if we just got outplayed upfront or what happened. I know we definitely had a hard time trying to run up the middle."

Did you make any adjustments to try and do things differently in the middle?

"A little bit; nothing vastly different it was more of correcting what we were doing and trying to make sure we were doing things right in the second half."

After the missed field goal I guess the offense was confident they could win the game?

"I think we all expected to win the game and take it down and score. It's felt like that kind of season all year. In the end it didn't happen for us."

How difficult will it be to put this one behind you and look forward to the Clemson game?

"Right now I keep telling myself that at the moment I'm not over the pain of this because I don't think anybody who comes to (Georgia) Tech, plays for Tech or even follows Tech can get over this right away. It's going to hurt for a little while. We have to move on. We have bigger and better aspirations for the season. Obviously we're disappointed with the way it turned out today but we have a lot to look forward to down the stretch."

Did Josh's (Nesbitt) injury in the first have change the momentum when you had to switch quarterbacks?

"I think it changed a little bit. We have a lot of faith in Jaybo (Shaw). He came in and did a good job. I don't think there was a huge drop off. The one interception was maybe a little underthrown. I don't necessarily think that was a bad attempt. He was taking a shot down the field. I think on the whole it wasn't a huge drop off. When you lose a player of Josh's caliber it always hurts a little bit."

How difficult is it when you're not getting the ball back and have to stay on the sidelines for long periods of time?

It's awful. I don't know what else to say. The defense came up with stops when we needed it and we couldn't capitalize. It was very frustrating watching it. The defense made plays when they needed to and they put us in a position to win."

I guess one of the toughest things to watch was their running the ball right down the field to score right after you had scored to open the second half?

Clemson has size similar to Georgia. Will you be looking to make any changes?

"We just need to execute better. We have to come out and play our game. The first half we really didn't play Georgia Tech football. We didn't come out and play the way we wanted to and it definitely showed. Honestly I think they do have the size up front. They probably have the best defensive line we've faced all season but I'm confident we'll turn things around and get things done next week."

When you win eight games in a row does the team become overconfident?

"No, we've done a good job of taking it one game at a time and not really looking past anything. Today we just dug ourselves too big a hole in the first half. We couldn't execute on offense and we couldn't stop the run on defense. We didn't play like we needed to in the first half."

Why have you had trouble getting started in recent games?

"I wish I could tell you. We came out pretty well against Wake Forest. You look at Clemson we played well in the beginning of that game. It's kind of hit and miss. Lately there have been some games where we started off slow. I don't have a reason for that. I think maybe we come out a little too hyped up. We have to settle down, relax, and play our game. I can't give you a real good reason for that."

I guess the pass to Stephen Hill told the story of what could have been?

"That was awful. We all thought he had it. We didn't get a chance to see the replay. I'm sure they made the right call. When you get your hopes up like that and think you're going to be in a position to punch it in, when in all honesty after the first half we didn't have any business winning the game, thinking we had that chance and then not having that opportunity, that hurt a lot."

What do you do now to try and get away from this for a little bit?

"You have to let it sting for a little bit. I think there would be a problem if we all weren't hurting right now; it's Georgia. You don't have to say anything more than that. I never want to lose to these guys again…(long pause ). It does hurt but we just have to deal with it. I know have plenty of class work to catch up on. Maybe I can drown myself in that for a little bit. We have to move on and try to get better for next week." Top Stories