Brandon McGowan - Visit to the Flats

North Gwinnett High School linebacker Brandon McGowan made a return visit to Georgia Tech this past weekend. Brandon talked about the visit and the interest he's getting from schools across the southeast.

I see that you made the trip to Atlanta this past weekend?

"Yes sir I sure did. It was a great game, very intense and the fans there supporting Georgia Tech were really intense and fired up. It was probably the best game I've been to since I've been going to them."

What did you get to do on the short visit?

"We did the usual meet and greet with the coaches and other recruits. The coaches told me how much there liked my play and really wanted me at Georgia Tech. We went out onto the field for pre-game warm ups and then moved to our seats. It was a great trip overall, I really enjoyed it."

Since the regular season is over, what is in your plans for the off season?

"Well our season is over as Camden County knocked us out of the playoffs. Now I will concentrate on off-season workouts. I will go to CES to do workouts and also do the local workouts at my high school. I will work out with my best friend and teammate CJ Uzomah at both places."

Since CJ is your best friend have you two talked about playing together in college?

"Yes sir we sure have. He's got a lot of scholarship offers and I am going to have to work hard to catch up with him but we have talked about our futures and would very much like to play at the same college if at all possible. I know sometimes the best plans can go bad but we are hoping for the best and if it works out that is great."

What are you going to do concerning the colleges that are recruiting you?

"I will stay in contact with the coaches as much as I can and see what happens. I will go to some Junior Days and a lot of the coaches have told me that I can visit anytime that I have the urge to make a visit. I should have plenty to do between visits and workouts this off season."

What schools are recruiting the hardest right now?

"I'd say that Georgia Tech, Georgia, South Carolina, and Wake Forest are sending me the most stuff and recruiting me very hard."

Would these schools be considered your leaders?

"Right now I am going to keep things open. I'd like to get more information on all the schools that like me and that I like and go from there."

What schools have you made visits to this season?

"I've gone to Georgia Tech, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Wake Forest, and Tennessee."

What factors will you use to decide on schools?

"I have three and they are in order. The first one is education. I like Sports Medicine but if I go to a school that has a great major that can help me a lot I will consider another major. Second would be the coaches. Coaches have huge impacts on you as you are with them for four to five years and you'd like to have the same ones for the whole time. I want coaches that will make me a better player and help me improve in all areas. Third would be the overall campus and atmosphere at the college. If the set up is something that I like, then that's a big plus. I'm not saying it has to be a small town setting or one set in a big town, just the way it is set up and how you feel when you are on campus."

How about playing time?

"To be really honest, I am not worried about that. I'd like to red shirt my first year so I can get acquainted with campus life both from the academics and the overall change of speed of the game. I can use that year to get a jump on my school work and get bigger and stronger during the red shirt season. The next year is when I will go out and really push the person that is in front of me and push for playing time real hard. I'll use that year of getting to know the defense and getting better as player to push for that playing time."

Dale's Take: Brandon seems to have a plan laid out and he and his friend CJ are hoping that it will work out for the two of them. Brandon also has a plan in his mind as to what he needs to do once he gets to college and it seems he has his sights set in the right direction. Top Stories