Chris Conley: "Still Open To All Schools"

North Paulding's Chris Conley was a visitor at Georgia Tech for their annual rival game against Georgia. This was Chris' first look at the in-state rivalry game and he came away impressed with how intense the game was. Chris also talked about what he is looking for in college and his plans for the up coming bowl season.

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How did you like the game at Georgia Tech this past Saturday?

"I enjoyed it a lot. I got there early and was able to relax and take in the atmosphere that was surrounding the game. It was my first rivalry game and it was very intense. I enjoyed my time there."

Did you get a chance to talk to any of the coaches there Saturday?

"Yes sir I did. I talked with Coach Bohannon, who is my recruiting coach, and I talked with Coach Johnson too."

What did they have to say to you?

"They mainly talked about how school is going and asked me to come to the bowl practices after the ACC Championship game."

Are you going to take them up on the invitation?

"Yes sir I am. I am going down there and watch some practices."

How about any other bowl practices that you might take in too?

"I would like to go to the ones at Clemson too in addition to the ones at Georgia Tech."

On the recruiting front has there been any school enter into the picture?

"Yes sir, both Clemson and Arkansas have started recruiting me. The coaches at Clemson said they liked me a lot and that an offer should be coming real soon."

What offers do you hold right now?

"I have offers from Georgia Tech, Georgia, Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee."

Of these schools would any of them be considered a leader?

"No sir I am still open to all the schools. Schools like Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Clemson seem to be more so in my mind because they are close by and I can see them more than the others but I am keeping everything open and see how things go in my recruitment."

Last we spoke, you had education as the top priority, is that still the same and what are some other priorities you have in looking for a college?

"Yes sir, education comes first. I have haven't decided on what I am going to major in, I have a few ideas as to what I would like but I haven't decided on a major just yet. Other priorities would be the game play of the college and the style that they play."

Being a wide receiver are you looking to come in as a big play type receiver or one that is part of a team that spreads the ball around to a lot of receivers?

"My high school has a big play type wide receiver for their offense but I am not set on that being the way I want to go in college. I know I want to go to a school that uses their wide receivers."

Does the fact that Georgia Tech doesn't throw as much as other schools hurt them in their recruiting of you?

"It does hinder them a little but I do know that Coach Johnson hasn't implemented all of his passing sets into his game plans so that is something I would have to consider too."

With Junior Days just around the corner, have you set up any?

"I already know I am going to Clemson for their junior day and Coach Bohannon at Georgia Tech asked me to get back with him to see when there will be holding theirs. Other than those two schools I don't have anything else planned at this time."

Dale's Take: I had a chance to speak a little with Chris at Yellow Jacket Alley and he is a very well mannered young man and you can tell he is a person that has his priorities in order. From talking Chris on the phone, I get the feeling that he has a defined plan that he wants to follow in his recruitment and he is doing just that. He is gathering much information on each school he visits so his decision will be a sound one for him. Top Stories