Paul Hewitt Post-Game Comments

After a sloppy first half, the Jackets competed more and played with more energy in the second half to defeat Siena. Mfon Udofia led the way with five three's and twenty six points on the night. Coach Hewitt comments on his performance and the challenge he gave to the team at halftime.

How do you get the team to play harder?

"The guys have to step up to the challenge. The things that were bothering us, and we talked about it at halftime, were just about competing; loose balls, stopping your guy from driving to the paint, and outrunning you down the court. It's about stepping up to the competition. When I talk about competition, I mean each little event that goes on in the game. It's a sprint sometimes. It's a battle for a fumble or a loose ball. It's the ability to sit down in your stance and stay in the stance and don't let that guy drive by you. Those are the areas we talked about at halftime. It wasn't about X's and O's. I thought in the second half we did a better job of that."

It seems Mfon Udofia is doing a better job shooting and making the entry pass from the wing. Is that a better position for him?

"He's just out there. When we started the year, I had no intention of starting him but he forced his way into the starting lineup. That's how hard he plays. He's taken advantage of our big guys. As I said a few games ago, once our passing into the paint gets better, our shooting will improve. We made seven today. I know Iman is more capable of that. He's more capable of making more shots than he's done so far. Brian Oliver can certainly shoot the ball. I can't honestly think of what position he's playing right now. He's just out there playing."

What was your plan going into the game?

"We went into the game with the idea of taking care of the basketball and stopping them in transition. If we didn't allow them to score off turnovers and if we didn't allow transition buckets, we could hold them to a pretty low number. We weren't successful in our efforts in the first half."

How big was Mfon's three pointer at the end of the half?

"It's big to go from a one point lead to a four point lead. It shouldn't be about that. If you're playing hard and a team is beating you, that's one thing. When a team is flat out out-efforting you by getting loose balls, running the floor, and forcing you into turnovers that's either I'm overvaluing our talent or we're not trying hard enough. It's one of those two things. It can't be anything else."

You took a few charges at the end of the half?

"That was great. Mo Miller did a good job of stepping up and took some charges for us. I think once his offensive game gets untracked he's going to get more playing time. He's making an effort to take charges and he's making an effort to push the ball in transition and get the tempo we want to play. Offensively he's just got to settle down and take some of the things he's capable of doing."

When did you find out that Edwin Ubiles wasn't playing?

"We found out right before the game. One of my coaches came up and said that he was in street clothes. That's a bad break for them and obviously in the spirit of competition you want him to play. In terms of winning the game it's a big break for us."

What is Lance Storrs' status?

"I have to give him a shot at some point. He's been busting his tail in practice. I got to give him a shot. I thought I was going to give him a shot tonight but it didn't work out that way." Top Stories