Roddy Jones - Its A Very Rewarding Feeling

Roddy Jones had 4 carries for 67 yards in the win over Clemson to claim the 2009 ACC Championship. Roddy shares his thoughts on the game with

What does this conference championship mean tonight?

"It means a lot. You come to Georgia Tech expecting to win conference championships. This is what you come here for. TO have all the hard work we did in the offseason - to have it pay off - it's a very rewarding feeling and its awesome."

What made winning the ACC your number one goal going in to this season? Did last year's bowl have anything to do with it?

"I think the bowl had a little to do with it. But, really it was coming so close to being in the ACC Championship last year. Losing to Virginia Tech and losing the tiebreaker because they beat us head to head. That let us know that we can win this conference and it really gave guys a lot of confidence. Its something we worked towards the entire offseason."

Just a few weeks ago, we talked to you following the clinching of the Coastal, how does this compare?

"Its that times 100. Getting to the championship game is one thing. Winning the championship and the way we won it is exciting. It's a very awesome feeling."

You had some yardage on the edge? Can you tell us what you were seeing?

"Early in the game, they were taking away the dive and the quarterback. Guys made some blocks on the perimeter. I know BayBay had a great block and Anthony Allen made a great block on the perimeter and it really opened things up for us on the perimeter. I was the one who had my number called."

How did you feel after Dwyer scored the go-ahead touchdown?

"After that, we felt like we had it. We had to get the 2 point conversion that ended up coming maybe an inch short. We knew if we got that touchdown that momentum was on our side and it makes it real tough for them to come back and score."

Did you feel a little nervous when you realized Clemson had 1:20 left on the clock?

"Anytime they have the ball, they have some playmakers. You know you're always a little on edge. But, our defense came through huge. They made 4 big plays. Derrick Morgan on the last play of the game making that sack, it's just great."

You've won 6 straight against Clemson and they've all gone down to the wire. What's it like playing them?

"They're one of our rivals. We play them every year and its one of those things where we don't like them and they don't like us. It's always fun to play against them because its always a great game. Fortunately, we've come out on top the past few times."

What's it like watching CJ Spiller from the other sideline?

"I don't know if I can say this but if its not against us, its fun. When its against us, he's just a great back. Its one of those things where everyone has to rally to the ball and tackle him. He made some great runs tonight. He deserved the MVP."

You ever been to Miami before?

"Yes – when we played them this year! That was the only other time I've been. This time I'll stay a little bit longer and hopefully have a different result." Top Stories