RB Jon Lee Talks Recruiting

Apalachee, Georgia running back Jon Lee has seen his recruitment pick up recently. Jon talked about a new offer and a new team that is entering the picture. He also talked highly of Coach Johnson and his staff from Georgia Tech. Jon really likes Tech but knows they are in a numbers crunch.

Jon Lee - Profile

How has your recruitment been going these past few weeks?

"It has really picked up a lot recently. I picked an offer from Army just recently and Northwestern said they were coming down to pay me a visit and possibly give me an offer. Navy is also on their way to pay me a visit as they have recently offered as well. Other schools that have come by my school are Air Force, Wofford, and Furman."

How many offers does that give you to date?

"I have offers from Air Force, Western Carolina, Illinois State, UT-Chattanooga, and Wofford in addition to the ones from Army and Navy."

Of those schools which ones seem to be recruiting you the hardest?

"I would have to say that Air Force is really recruiting me the hardest. They have told me that if I can get my ACT score up three points to a twenty five that I can go straight to their Academy instead of their prep school. They really like me as a running back and said if I get into the Academy I could see some time as a freshman. I really like that."

Is Air Force a school you think you might commit to for 2010?

"They are a school I like very much. I know a couple of players there from Peachtree City and they will be my host when I go for an official visit on the second weekend in January (January 8-10th). I'll get a good look at the school then and see what it is all about."

When we last spoke both Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech were recruiting you. Are they both still recruiting you?

"I haven't heard much from Vanderbilt but I've talked a bit with Coach Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech. He really likes me and if the numbers were there he would offer. I know they have only twelve scholarships to give out and they have one running back already committed to them. They are going a bit heavy on defense this year so running back isn't a position they can afford to hand out extra scholarships to recruits. I totally understand and really am thankful for everything Coach Johnson has done. He and the staff got me lined up with Navy and I appreciate that from them. Coach Johnson has always been up front with me and told me no matter what he will be looking out for my best interests. He could have just walked away but he didn't and that shows he is a man of character."

When do you hope to announce what school you will pick?

"I will pick my school on my birthday, January 31st. It's kind of a birthday present to me."

Dale's Take:

Even though Jon really likes Georgia Tech a lot, he knows what happens when you don't have a lot of scholarships to hand out. He really loves the way Georgia Tech and Coach Johnson and staff handle the situation at Georgia Tech and appreciates everything they have done for him when they didn't have to do anything at all. On the flip side, he could be another Georgia native that ends up at Air Force as Darius Jones went there for the 2009 class. I for one really like Jon and how he has handled himself in his recruiting process.

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