Jonathan Dwyer - The Best Class Ever

All-ACC running back Jonathan Dwyer took time out from finals week to talk about the upcoming bowl game, the 2007 recruiting class, and his plans for the future with football.

How can Georgia Tech best take advantage of winning the Orange Bowl?

"Winning the Orange Bowl will give us a chance to set a high standard in the national championship caliber going into next season. We just need to worry about ourselves and win and then see where we end in the rankings. It will give us momentum into next season."

What will the preparation be like compared to last year?

"It will be different than last year. I know the team is not going to take Iowa lightly. They are a great team. For a minute there they were in contention for the Big Ten championship. There good enough to be in a BCS bowl so obviously you have to take your hats off to them. They're going to represent their conference just like we're going to represent ours."

Do you know anything about Iowa's team?

"All I know is that they're good and well coached. They're in the Big Ten conference."

What does that mean to you being in the Big Ten?

"They're going to be physical guys and they're going to come in here ready to play."

When you came in with the 2007 recruiting class did you think you'd be where you are now?

"Pretty much, because with the camaraderie we have and then seeing all the guys committing and looking at the board we thought that if all these guys end up going to the same place this is going to be special. It's going to happen sooner or later."

Will BayBay (Demaryius Thomas) or Derrick's (Morgan) decision affect your decision?

"I don't know. I'm just looking out for what's best for me and my family. We'll see where that ends up. I don't know what BayBay or Derrick is going to do so we'll see."

What's the process you have to go through to see about the NFL draft?

"Coach (Paul) Johnson has talked to me a few times and said I need to put my application in to see where I'm projected to see what's in store for me and what's best for me."

Have you talked to your family about setting a time to make a decision?

"Right now my parents are pretty much just having fun with it. They're just enjoying the fact that we won last Saturday and planning our trip to Miami. I think everyone will talk about it after the bowl game."

When your class came in did you as a group set any goals for yourselves?

"One day, team chaplain Derrick Moore got us together and told us how special the class was. We always tell everybody else how special a class we are (laughter). Everybody on the team knows what the "07" class is about. He took us in after team time, which is a little devotion period we have, and he asked everyone to write down goals. The number one thing on our goals was to win the ACC and to be known as the best class ever at Georgia Tech. We're just trying to live up to our expectations. Everyone had their individual goals but as a team that was our two main goals."

You have a chance to tie the record for most wins at Georgia Tech. What would that mean for your class?

"I guess it would just show everybody what we're about and that we meant business when we decided on those goals. We want to go out there and represent our class, our team and our school."

How does Coach Johnson get your attention?

"How could he not get your attention? He may look at you a certain way and tell you to pay attention. You have to if you want to play. He's going to guide you in the right direction. He's not going to steer you wrong. He's going to be straight up with you and he's going to give you his honest opinion."

Coach likes to give you guys some grief. Do you ever give it back to him?

"Sometimes, I don't really do it. The person that does it the most is BayBay. He's always dogging BayBay and BayBay is always dogging him back. I think he's probably the biggest person on the team that does that."

Were you surprised by the support the team got in Tampa?

"No, the real fans told us not to worry about it and that we had a bigger game to worry about than Georgia. They knew how big and important the ACC Championship Game was. We had a chance to go to a BCS bowl so that's even better than the Georgia game. I was really happy with the support we had in Tampa."

What did you do to celebrate?

"I went to sleep. We got back too late. We talked about doing this and that but once we got off the plane everyone decided we'll just go home and go to sleep."

What are you looking forward to most with this bowl game?

"I guess just redeeming myself from last time and just enjoying the fact that we're playing in a BCS game and being with my teammates and each other's families." Top Stories