T.J. Barnes: "We Fought Our Hearts Out"

GoJackets.com caught up with T.J. Barnes after the 39-34 victory over the Clemson Tigers for the ACC Championship. The big man gave us his thoughts on the game, his development, the 3-4, and next year.

With all the injuries on the line, you had to play a good bit more tonight. How did you think you did out there?

"I did well – better than I thought I would coming off of an injury I had Thursday. We just all came together and fought our hearts out."

GT played a lot of 3-4 this week. Your thoughts on playing that style defense?

"It's fun. It's fun and easy. It makes things less complicated. I like playing it."

Tell us about your development this season from a backup and then starter when some of the injuries hit?

"At the beginning it was kind of rough because I was coming off a year of not playing, so I was kind of restless. As things progressed, I got better and better. Coach Smith told me, "You're doing a good job and keep doing what you are doing and you'll be a good player in the future."

What was your favorite moment of the ACC Championship game?

"My favorite moment was when I got one on one with number 6 or 8 in the open field and I got the tackle. That was it."

How did you feel after Derrick Morgan stopped Kyle Parker on 4th down?

"There's no word for these feelings. I've never felt like this in my whole life. I just felt like a champion."

You think you'll have a shot to be an undefeated team next year?

"Yes, I think we have a chance to be undefeated. As long as we play Georgia Tech football, there's nobody that can beat us."

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