Orange Bowl Official Doug Wiley

Georgia Tech has a January 5th date with Iowa in the FedEx Orange Bowl. Orange Bowl committee member Doug Wiley was in Atlanta Monday to give his thoughts on the BCS, the teams playing in the bowl, and the events lined up for both fans and players.

What was the process in selecting Georgia Tech's opponent?

"We have a football committee that spends a lot of time on this through the course of the year. As we got closer to the end of the season the number of teams eligible narrowed. Anybody that was in the top fourteen of the BCS poll was in consideration. We looked at just about all those teams. Clearly our position this year as the number one at-large pick, we had to take a back seat to the two bowls that are losing teams to the BCS championship. They get replacement picks. Our pick was going to be in response to what they did at some of the other schools. We look at teams that we think will give us an exciting match-up. We clearly look at teams that we think will travel well. We have to take into consideration our sponsors, our media partners, and our stadium partners. We try to take a look at all the teams and see who fits best."

How would you characterize how this game will be?

"I think this should be a very interesting game. I think it should be a very quick game since both teams like to run the football. What I think is interesting is that you have Georgia Tech which is the number eleven offensive team in the country facing Iowa which is the number eleven defensive team in the country. Iowa is known this year for playing good defense with an opportunistic offense. I think with Georgia Tech you have one of the more creative and more innovative offenses in the country. I think it's going to be very interesting to see how those two forces react to each other."

As a committee member, how many games do you see during the season?

"I think there is a misconception there. Typically I go to one or two games a year. We do have a football committee that we try to spread it around so that we don't put too much burden on any one or two individuals. This year I went to Pitt-Notre Dame and that was the only game I went to this year. Last year I saw Georgia Tech at Boston College."

What was your colleague's opinion of Georgia Tech in the games they saw this year?

"I think it was a pretty much consensus that they have a very exciting ball club. They are very creative offensively and we think that they are going to be a great partner in this game. We're actually looking for a very close and very exciting football game. I'm very encouraged, you had a great turnout at the ACC championship game and one of our goals here is to encourage not just the supporters of Georgia Tech but the entire city of Atlanta to come out and support the team. We know that Iowa is going to be there in mass. They've actually requested a venue for a 45,000 person pep rally. We want to get as many people as we can to come out. We're very confident that Georgia Tech is going to answer the bell. You had a great crowd in Tampa and we fully expect a great crowd in the stadium that night."

What activities will there be for the fans?

"Let's start with the fans first. You're coming to an area that has a lot to offer. People can do things on their own. There's golf, there's tennis, there's sailing and there's fishing. It's a great area. The Orange Bowl is known for hospitality. We have the fan fest which is the day before the game. That is at Bay Front Park in downtown Miami. That is going to run from two until seven. We'll have Kool and the Gang which will be our halftime entertainment. They will be providing entertainment at fan fest. The school bands and cheerleaders will be there. Sometimes you'll get an appearance by the coaches. That's not a guarantee. It's a combination of food and entertainment and a lot of fun. That is on the 4th and on game day we have the Budweiser tailgate tent is available at eleven in the morning. That will run up until game time."

Where are seats located for the two schools playing in the Orange Bowl?

"Those seats are going to be located in multiple sites around the stadium. A lot of them are in the end zones and they are mostly in the lower bowl. They are in the end zone up to about the forty yard line or so."

What is your response to the fans asking for a playoff especially when you look at the Gator Bowl taking a 6-6 team like Florida State instead of teams with better records in the ACC?

"Our response is that we've been a part of college football for seventy six years. We want to continue to be a part of football whatever format ultimately works out. We like the system as it is and we think it works very well. The BCS is designed to match the number one and the number two teams in the country. We think they've done a great job of that. I think if you look back and you look at some of the games in recent history; you look back at the Miami-Ohio State game in the Fiesta Bowl was an overtime game and last year's game with Florida and Oklahoma. These are teams that traditionally would not be playing each other. Oklahoma would have been in the Fiesta Bowl and Florida probably in the Sugar Bowl. We think the BCS is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. We like the system the way it is but whatever happens we want to be a part of it. We're one of four communities in the country that has a chance to host one of these prestigious games and we've been doing it a long time and we want to continue doing it." Top Stories