Will Harlos - Relatively Speaking

Relatively speaking, Will Harlos, Class of 2011, Somerset, TX, has deep roots in the Georgia Tech football program. He explained in a recent phone conversation.

Will Harlos

It would seem to be a long way from Somerset, TX, near San Antonio to Atlanta?

"Yes sir. But my uncle is Jim Bob Taylor, (former standout Tech quarterback and Baltimore Colts draft pick in 1983) and my cousin is Cooper Taylor, (current Tech safety."

So, you're no stranger to Atlanta?

"No sir. I was invited to the Chick-fil-A Bowl game last year and spent about a month working out with Cooper in Atlanta this summer. I plan on being in Atlanta again next summer to work out with him and hope I'm invited to the Orange Bowl."

Sounds like you're a fan of Tech?

"I like everything about their program. It all started because of my Uncle (Jim Bob Taylor) and has just grown from there."

Have you gotten any offers, yet?

"No sir. But, I've been getting a lot of letters (expressing interest) and was invited by The University of Texas to a game and Notre Dame, when they played in San Antonio this year."

Do you have an early favorite?

"Georgia Tech is number one."

Do you have a timetable for a decision?

"It will probably take a while, but at some point, I'll discuss it with my family and we'll make a decision."

I understand there isn't a sport you don't like?

"Yes sir. Beside football, I play basketball and baseball and do some power (weight) lifting."

What are your goals?

I've grown some this year (6'4") and put on some weight (195 lbs), but would like to fill out a little bit."

You come across as a very nice, well mannered, young man. How is your personality on the field?

"Oh, I really like to hit people…always have since I started playing football as a little kid."

And your school work?

"Mostly "A's" and some "B's".

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