B.J. Bostic Has In-Home Visit With GT Coaches

3AA player of the year, B.J. Bostic had his in-home visit with Georgia Tech coaches Thursday night. Coaches Paul Johnson, Charles Kelly and Giff Smith all came down from Atlanta to answer any questions B.J. had about his upcoming official visit, anything about Georgia Tech, and what he needs to do about enrolling early.

B.J. Bostic - Profile

I understand you had your in-home visit with the coaches at Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, I sure did. Coach Kelly called me about 3:45 and said they were on their way to visit. Coach Kelly then called about 4:50 and said they just landed at the airport and would be there in about five minutes. I thought that was very cool that they could fly down just to visit me."

What all did the coaches have to say to you?

"When Coach Johnson first started talking to me, he joked around about me possibly playing on offense and even said that he joked with Coach Kelly and Coach Smith that he might use me at quarterback next year. We got a good laugh at that, but I think coach might be serious some too. On my Junior Day visit, he talked to me about my offer and said he was offering me as a cornerback but saw me as an athlete that could possibly play anywhere. He told me then that he will use me in the best way possible to best use my talents. I told coach that I didn't care where I played. I told him that if it got me on the field that I would be the holder for the kicker or even play linebacker if that is what it took. I am ready to get to Georgia Tech and I am ready to play some football for the Yellow Jackets."

What else did you talk about after that?

"We talked about our upcoming official visit. He talked about the banquet on Friday night and what we would be doing the entire weekend. Coach Johnson told me I would have a ball on the official. Jerrard Tarrant will be my player host and we hit it off very well when Coach Kelly introduced us on Junior Day. We exchanged numbers and talk a good bit and text one another a lot too. We also talked about me getting with admissions and filling out my financial aid for the spring. I have all my other paperwork completed and just need to finish up that little bit. He also said I could come by and sign my LOI on signing day at the Edge building or if I didn't have any classes that if I wanted to I could go home and do it there if that is what I wanted to do.

What else did you do while they were there?

"I took Coach Kelly and showed him my room. It is now all Georgia Tech, nothing at all with Georgia stuff on it. Coach Kelly really liked my bedspread and asked where I got it so he could buy one for his daughter. I told him we got it from Lockerroom.com and that they had a lot of good stuff for Georgia Tech. They also watched some of my highlights from the game against Thomasville, which they liked a lot."

So I guess anything Georgia is out the window now?

"Oh, yes sir. I am a full fledged Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. My place is at Georgia Tech. I know only a few set of players go on to the NFL and that is why I was considering schools like Georgia Tech, Stanford, and Vanderbilt as my most serious schools. I figured that Georgia Tech is the best place for me because I knew I would get homesick at some point and those other two schools were too far away just to come home for a short trip. I wanted an education that will mean something, that will carry me in life after football and you can't go wrong with an education from Georgia Tech. Also, I was considering West Virginia at a brief time too. But with them being too far away and having the possibility of having to play in snow, I ruled them out too. I'd rather play in a warmer climate and Atlanta is just right. Plus, I have family up there in Chris Crenshaw and that is a big plus. The twelve recruits coming in together, we will be like family. We can get a good chemistry going even before the season starts."

It sounds like your visit was a good one?

"Yes sir, I know I made the right choice. I knew the coaches were for me when Coach Johnson asked if I was a neat person and I replied, "Coach I can be neat if I have to." My mom corrected me real quick and said, "Coach Johnson, he's neat when I make him and sometimes not even then". Coach Johnson laughed and said we (GT staff) might have to put him at the end of the hall in a room by himself then. I know if a coach can laugh with me about things like that, then he will make sure I'll become the best possible person I can be both on the field and in life. I told Coach Johnson a story about when I was little that my sister and I took it upon ourselves to clean out the fish tank when my Mom and Dad were not at home. When we were filling up the tank it was taking too long so we rolled the hose from outside into the kitchen and used it. We didn't figure on the water being so cold since it was winter and we killed the fish. Everything I did to try and bring them back to life failed. Coach Johnson got a kick out of that and told me about a story when he was young that he and some others were told to go paint the basement red. Well he said they painted the basement red and that was everything, window, sofas, chairs, everything. He got in trouble for that one. I like the fact he can relate and doesn't mind telling a story that shows he's just a regular guy too."

Are you looking forward to your official visit?

"Yes sir, I am. I want to go to the banquet and catch up with Jerrard and do all the things they have planned. Plus I have a couple of questions I want to ask like what number I will get and how do they assign locker spaces. Little things like that as I am sure all the big things will be covered in what they tell us in meetings and tours."

So you will be up in Atlanta on January 11th?

"Actually my first day there will be January 7th as Georgia Tech is holding something new for students entering in the spring for the first time. They will have a new student orientation on the 7th and I can see my class schedule and see my dorm room and talk with Isaiah (Isaiah Johnson) and Charles (Charles Perkins) who with be my roommates. I think it will be just us three in a room as we are the only three early enrollees on the football team."

Dale's Take:

B.J. and I talked for about forty minutes as he liked this visit with the coaches so much. He knows he made the right choice and mentioned that even if he was considering Georgia at any time (which he wasn't, not once) that he wouldn't now with the turmoil they have going on. He says he is at home with Georgia Tech both in reality with his cousin there and with his new family in the football players and staff.

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