Morgan Burnett: "One week at a time"

When the final whistle blew signaling that Georgia Tech was the ACC champion, one of the happiest people on the field was Morgan Burnett. We talked with Morgan about that feeling, the state of the defense, and his plans for the future.

Morgan Burnett - Profile

Are you going to explore your NFL draft status after the season?

"I'm still undecided right now and my family is thinking about it right now."

You looked like you were one of the happiest players on the field after the game. Can you tell us what you were feeling after that final tackle?

"It felt real good that we were the ACC champions and that was our goal from the beginning of the season. It felt good that the game finally came to an end and we were on top."

Jonathan Dwyer talked about the 2007 recruiting class sitting down with Derrick Moore and setting goals. Do you feel like you've accomplished all you set out to accomplish when you came to Tech?

"We accomplished one of our main goals which were to be ACC champs. Now we have another goal and that is to win the BCS bowl game. We're fortunate to be in the Orange Bowl so that's another big goal on our list. Once we come away with a win there then our class has accomplished their goals."

If you win the Orange Bowl, what might the goals be next year? "Every offseason, our goal is to win every game and the national championship. Coach (Paul Johnson) always tells us that each year is a new team. We'll make new goals and the national championship will be one of our main goals."

Will the time off help the defense recover from your injuries?

"The time off will help the guys get their legs back and the guys with nicks and bruises will have time to heal. When the bowl game roles around, everyone will be back to 100%."

How's your foot?

"It's getting a lot better."

What has Mario Edwards meant to the secondary since he was inserted in the starting lineup?

"He means a lot to the secondary because he's an aggressive player, he's a nice tackler, and he can cover and run well. He helps the defense out a lot and he's a big play player. He's liable to make plays at any time. He helps out a lot."

What are you expecting from Iowa?

"I'm expecting them to come in with the same motivation that we have and that is to come in and win. I know they are a top ten team and a good team. I know from watching them throughout the season that they have a powerful offense and a good quarterback and running game so they're going to come in ready to play."

Can you talk about the defense's problems stopping the run the past few games?

"Assignment wise we weren't where we were supposed to be. We're getting in the film room and cleaning those things up and hopefully we'll be ready to go in the Orange Bowl."

T.J. Barnes had to play more reps than usual. How do you feel he performed at the ACC Championship Game?

"T.J. is going to be a real good player. For him to be so big and move well, he did a real good job down in Tampa."

Did the defense ever feel like they were letting the team down the past few games?

"We don't feel like that because we have a real good offense that can back us up. From watching the film and seeing the simple mistakes we made we're anxious to get back out there."

I guess it was satisfying to be on the field and make that final stand against Clemson?

"That makes up for a lot. We see guys like Josh Nesbitt, Jonathan Dwyer and Demaryius Thomas; you see those guys on offense out there giving their all and working hard you want to go out there and help those guys in any way you can. Doing that at the end of the ACC Championship helped out a lot."

In what ways do you feel you accomplished being the leader that you set out to be at the start of the season?

"I think just helping out the young guys like Jemea Thomas. He asks me a lot of questions and just helping him out that shows signs of leadership. Keeping the team up when they were down and making sure nobody pointed the finger at each other and nobody hung their heads down and felt bad about anything were some of the ways. I felt I did a little bit better on the leadership role. I still feel I can clean up on my leadership role. I'm still working on that."

How does Coach Johnson keep you focused during the season?

"He basically tells us to take it one week at a time. Once you complete one week, whether it's a win or a loss, you have to move on to the next week and know that any team can beat you." Top Stories