Synjyn Days - Nothing But the Truth

Synjyn Days advised his dad nicknamed him "The Truth," many years ago. When asked why he reluctantly said it was because he never lies. After fifteen minutes on the phone with him, it was obvious that Tech has not only landed a top football player, but perhaps an even more special young man.

Synjyn Days Profile

How was your time on campus this weekend?

"It was all great. QB Jordan Luallen was my host and I'd met him at a Tech football camp when he was a senior in high school. All of the recruits know each other and we've been talking a lot, so it was good to see them, too. We all hung out after the banquet on Friday and dinner on Saturday."

Anything special happen at the banquet?

"Yes sir. Josh Nesbit, Jonathan Dwyer, Morgan Burnett and Derrick Morgan were all named captains."

You had other offers to consider, why Tech?

"I really liked the chemistry with the coaching staff. They are very honest and respectful and share a Christian-based background. Being close to home (Powder Springs, GA) helped and they are also recruiting my brother, Jabari (a fullback/linebacker) at Hillgrove. I went to every (Tech) home game this year."

Anything else?

"Yes sir, when I found out Tech had a pre-health program that sealed it. I want to be a dentist. I met some of the dentistry professors this weekend."

How are your grades?

"All A's this year and a 1450 on my SAT."

Did some questions get answered about what life will be like for you at Tech?

"Although it's not official, it looks like I'll be rooming with Charles Perkins and Denzel McCoy (fellow freshmen football recruits). I was given number 4 and told I'm projected as a quarterback. Classes start for me in June and I'm really looking forward to that. "

When told that the future looked very bright for this well spoken, well mannered, straight-A student, he agreed with humility to add to his attributes?

"Yes sir. But, I mess up like any other high school kid."

Your folks were supportive of your decision and played a hand in it, didn't they?

"Yes sir. They said it was largely mine because I had to live with it. But even though my dad played football at Florida State, he said Tech is a strong academic school and my family will get to see me play being so close to home. I plan on signing (with Tech) on National Signing Day in February."

Synjyn will be getting a packet of information on his offseason workouts soon with predictions he easily can add 10-15 pounds to his 205 lb. frame at 6'1". By the way, he runs a dazzling 4.48 40 (yard dash). And, that's The Truth. Top Stories