Charles Perkins - Official Visit

Fresh off of his official visit to Georgia Tech, running back Charles Perkins of Collins Hill High School talked about what went on during his time there at Georgia Tech. Charles also talked about his early enrollment and what his plans are for signing his official letter of intent on signing day.

Charles Perkins Profile

How did the official visit go this past weekend?

"It went real well. We got there on Friday and checked into the hotel. We went to the player banquet on Friday night. Chaplain Derek Moore and Coach (Paul) Johnson were the speakers. They honored the seniors that night as well as the All-ACC players and the ones that made All-American honors. It was real nice. For the rest of the official visit we did what you normally do on these trips. It was a good trip. We got a chance to hang out with the players. I hung out Roddy Jones, AA (Anthony Allen, and Jonathon Dwyer the most. Roddy was my player host."

It sounds like you had a real good time at Tech this weekend?

"Yes sir I sure did. We all had a real good time hanging out with the players and getting to know all the other recruits well. It was a good weekend. I can't wait to get back to Tech and start my career there."

What is next for you now?

"I will be heading back to Atlanta on the 7th of January to check in and get ready for classes. We will have a special orientation on the 7th which is a Thursday and get settled into our dorms. We will sign our financial aid papers as the last thing we have to do before we begin classes on Monday the 11th."

How about signing your letter of intent, will you sign it at Georgia Tech or have something at your high school?

"I am heading back to my high school to hold a little signing day party at school. Then I will head back to Georgia Tech and be waiting on spring practices to start."

Dale's Take:

With all the visits Charles has made to Georgia Tech over this past year, he knew just about everything there was to know about Tech. This trip was one of him getting to know his future teammates better and getting to see Tech from more than just a football game point of view. He is very ready for the first of the year to get here and start his Tech career and make his mark on the Georgia tech football program. Top Stories