Denzel McCoy's Official Visit

It was a big weekend for Georgia Tech commitments as most of them took their official visit to the school. caught up with defensive tackle recruit Denzel McCoy to see what he thought of the weekend.

So how was the weekend?

"It was great, man. I was able to meet Catlin Alford for the first time, so that was really cool. We did a lot of walking through; we toured the facilities and ate with the coaches. We did a lot of eating. They had all of our names on jerseys with our (high schools) numbers on them. We also met with the academic departments for whatever major we were interested in and what we want to do. We all stayed at a hotel together, that was pretty cool."

So who do you think your future roommates will be?

"I think it will be me, Jake Skole, Anthony Williams, and Charles Perkins. Although Perkins is coming in early, so that might not work out. If it doesn't, it may be Morgan Bailey."

What do you look forward to most about coming to Georgia Tech?

"Just playing in Coach (Dave) Wommack's defense and playing for Coach (Giff) Smith and Coach (Paul) Johnson. To play with all these guys (fellow commits) and hanging with them."

Was there a team banquet this weekend?

"Oh yeah it was awesome. It was quick; too, it didn't last forever. To see it was a lot to look up to and a lot to look forward to. They announced team captains, senior captains, awards for the guys who made All-ACC and All-American. Derrick Moore also spoke, that was really good."

Were you able to be in Tampa for the ACC Championship?

"No it was my birthday weekend, so I had to stay here. My friends threw me a surprise party but I was able to watch the game. I really enjoyed it, still!"

How about Miami, you thinking of getting down to the Orange Bowl?

"I might. That's where I'm from originally, so if I can get an excused absence, I might. I'm going to look up plane tickets in about ten minutes to see what they look like. Me and Jake (Skole) might go with our parents, so that would be really fun."

So when your recruiting was over, who was it you also considered?

"There was FSU, Auburn, Notre Dame, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Oregon."

Why Georgia Tech opposed to these others?

"Just everybody here; the coaches, and not just that but the academic opportunity here. All of that opportunity for that to be this close to home and to be close to my friends, many of which are staying in state. The D-line needs help and the opportunity to play is great. How the coaches recruited me, too, they were very open and giving with information, they're just awesome."

I know you've talked with the strength coach, any idea of where you want to be with your weight coming into the fall?

"Well I'm 271 right now and my personal goal is 280 or 285 by the fall, really whatever they need me at but that's what I'm hoping for." Top Stories