Amir Mustafaa: Like Father, Like Son?

Amir Mustafaa is a tough-minded defensive end from Westlake (GA) High School in Atlanta, class of 2011. His dad, Najee, a former defensive back at Georgia Tech, labored for nine years in the NFL after being drafted by Minnesota. Might the younger Mustafaa, affectionately known as "Moose," follow in his dad's footsteps?

Amir Mustafaa - Profile

Where does Georgia Tech stand in your recruitment?

"Tech is in my top three choices, maybe first or second."

Who else are you interested in?

"I like North Carolina, too. I've gotten contacted by South Carolina and Virginia Tech and although I don't have any offers, I expect they will start at some point."

Did you get to any Tech games this season?

"Yes sir. I was there for both the (North) Carolina and Wake Forest games. They were good."

What will guide you in making your decision, once the offers are made?

"I'd like to stay close to home and the fact that my dad went there certainly is a plus. I know Georgia Tech is strong academically and I plan on majoring in Business."

How about your grades?

"I have a little over a B average this year…my mom kind of keeps track of that though."

What keeps you busy now that football season's over?

"Of course, I do a lot of weightlifting. I plan on getting stronger and bigger. I'm 6'1" and 225 now. I also do Brazilian ju jitsu to make me tougher."

How about this summer?

"My coach (at Westlake) said he's going to make sure I get to some (football) camps."

And next season?

"I think we'll be pretty good" Top Stories