Nick Marshall - Fresh Off a State Title

Two way sport athlete Nick Marshall of Wilcox County High School spoke with about his recruitment. Nick, the starting QB, is fresh off a state championship for Wilcox County and is about to start up his second sport as Wilcox begins its basketball season on Tuesday. Nick is also the starting shooting guard in basketball.

Nick Marshall - Profile

What are your current measurables?

"I am 6' 2" and weigh right at 190 pounds. My best forty time is 4.56."

So, how does it feel to be a member of the Wilcox County State Champions in football?

"It feels great. I can't describe it to be honest. Our title is Wilcox' first state championship in football and we are all feeling good about it. We have a good team coming back too."

How did you do in the game?

"I did real well. I was voted player of the game as I had 309 total yards from my quarterback position. Combine that with winning the title, its just a great feeling."

Has recruiting started already for you?

"Yes sir I am getting a lot of mail from schools across the southeast. I am hearing a lot from Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Virginia Tech, and Arkansas. I know I am leaving out a few but those are the ones I can recall right now."

Have any of those schools offered you in football?

"No sir not yet but I am getting a lot of mail that tells me that some of them are close to offering."

You also play basketball, are you getting recruited a lot in basketball?

"Yes sir I am. Pretty much the same schools are recruiting me in basketball as they are in football. I get a lot of stuff from both the football coaches and basketball coaches from the same school."

Do you prefer one sport over the other one?

"No sir I can't really say that I do. I like both sports equally as well as the other one."

So, will it be a decision on a school that will allow you to play both sports or will you have to decide on which sport you want to play on the college level?

"I haven't really thought about it that much but I do know eventually I will have to decide on one of the two sports."

Have you been invited to any bowl practices or Junior Days?

"No sir, I haven't and I kind of doubt I would be able to go bowl practices as basketball starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and I will have games and practices to go to so that will be taking a lot of my time until spring rolls around."

Getting back to football, what type of offense would you prefer to play in college?

"I'd like to play in a spread option offense that passes a lot. At Wilcox we use a spread option that we pass about 90% of the time and I prefer to go that route in college too."

You listed some schools that are recruiting you hard. Do you have a top five at this point?

"Yes sir I do. I would say that Florida State, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama are the top five teams for me at this time."

Dale's Take:

Nick was still on that winning high from Wilcox's win this past weekend. He is looking forward to having a second try at a state title now that they have won their first. Nick is also very high on his basketball recruitment. Florida State is a big player for him in this sport. p Time will tell whether Nick chooses football or basketball as he is equally good in both. Top Stories